Top 25

After riding over 900 coasters in 23 different countries, this is how I currently rank some of the greatest coasters in the World. Unlike Heartline, I’m choosing to stick to a strict Top 25 for the sake of simplicity. In time I plan to do an in depth review of most of these incredible coasters, so stay tuned and please click on the coaster names to read more.

#1 Helix

#2 Ride to Happiness
Plopsaland de Panne

#3 El Toro
Six Flags Great Adventure

#4 Skyrush

#5 Eejanaika
Fuji-Q Highland

#6 T-Express

#7 Zadra

#8 Taiga

#9 Untamed
Walibi Holland

#10 Twisted Timbers
Kings Dominion

#11 Wicked Cyclone
Six Flags New England

#12 Lightning Rod

#13 Schwur des Kärnan
Hansa Park

#14 Twisted Cyclone
Six Flags Over Georgia

#15 Wildfire

#16 Hyperion

#17 Taron

#18 Flying Dinosaur
Universal Studios Japan

#19 Pyrenees
Parque Espana

#20 Bullet Coaster
Happy Valley Shenzhen

#21 DC Rivals Hypercoaster
Warner Bros. Movie World

#22 Nemesis
Alton Towers

#23 Piraten
Djurs Sommerland

#24 Balder

#25 Icon
Blackpool Pleasure Beach

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