Sweden 08/23 – Kolmården

For logistical reasons we spent the whole of the next day giving courtesy to Kolmården. Don’t have a whole lot to say on the matter as there was nothing new on offer, and I’m not sure it was justified given the original spiteful saga back in opening year, but RMC right?


I guess.

Day 2 – Kolmården

Well first up we were spited out of a discount promised by their out of date website, no biggie.

Most of the animals were hiding along the legendary long walk to the back of the park, but we saw the red panda so that was enough to keep me happy.




Soon enough it was Wildfire time.

Eh. I wasn’t wrong when it was my first RMC and now I’ve done every layout but Medusa (damn, that’s an ever-tantalising set prospect), it definitely doesn’t stack up.

My original criticisms were that it doesn’t feel like wood (which always felt a bit of a farce when it topped wood coaster polls) and the second half is very underwhelming.


Now it does feel like wood, but that’s a bad thing because it was doing an Outlaw Run and insta-headaching me in the wheel seats. So only Lightning Rod was enhanced by feeling wooden, and we all know how that went down. I guess it’s best they stop doing it.

The second half remains underwhelming, it just has none of the spice of pretty much any other RMC out there. To the point that this time I got that ‘I am on a wooden rollercoaster’ feeling that’s become so prevalent over in the US, albeit a good looking one.


First half still has the spice, but it’s weaker than many a sequence out there. Drop has good momentum going into it. Stall is no longer special to me sadly, while it used to be the king this element has gotta be more common than the vertical loop by now. Outwards corner is like the Lightning Rod bits that are more visual than visceral. Tunnel! Airtime hill with no airtime. A roll over the rocks. And that’s the good bit.

After that you can sit back, relax and have fun. Maybe that’s all you want in a coaster and I could (and did) happily sit on it for most of the day. Just doesn’t quite get the heart racing.


They have other coasters too you know.

Then we got hideously assaulted by wasps for the duration of dinner.


Then we saw some good stuff on the cablecar.

Then we rode Wildfire some more.

Then we left.

Told you I’m no good at revisits.

Day 3

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