Cred Hunting 09/18 – Southport + North Wales

I’ve been putting off Southport for what seems like forever now, which may have been a mistake as they keep removing as many rides as they gain. They also seem to hardly ever be open, so while I was in the area for work on a Friday afternoon, I grabbed the opportunity for a short weekend of cred hunting.

Southport Pleasureland

Rain seems to be the bane of my life in this hobby now. The Pinfari looper wasn’t ready first thing because of “health and safety stuff” and “the rain.”

The payment system here seems a bit harsh, you have to get a cashless card with credit on it to ride anything. This costs £1 which isn’t refundable (unlike most other places with this system), each individual has to pay for their own (unlike most other places with this system) and it only lasts until the ‘end of the season’ (which is in like 2 weeks) rather than for a decent length of time (like most other places with this system).

Did the weird little powered coaster #1 Grand Canyon to start, it should have been an added bonus, as I thought there was only a +2 here to begin with.

Walked up to the Wacky Worm that was running. “Just gonna do some maintenance now, come back in 10.” Strange, the place only opened half an hour ago, but fair enough.

Waited another half an hour, keeping an eye on the other cred in the meantime.
Spite. Not ready yet, gotta go and stick another hour on the car parking.
Sat and watched it from the outside for a while. There goes the Wacky Worm. Back in we go.

#2 Caterpillar


Asked about the looper again. “Not quite ready yet, we’re doing maintenance on the dumbos and then we’ll move on to that one.” K.
Went for some lunch and sat watching from the car again. Parking ran out again. No sign.
Couldn’t be arsed to walk in again, so made a phone call. “Got problems with the brakes, probably won’t open today.”

Would have tried a visit to this park today as well but “Gulliver’s World could not be reached for comment” –

There’s a good little hive of activity going on in North Wales, with 3 ‘parks’ and an (un)healthy +4 all within 5 minutes of each other.
So on to greener pastures.

Knightly’s Funfair

Got slightly worried as the cred didn’t seem to be listed on the price sign here. Never fear, it just comes under the generic ‘Children’s rides’. Sounds good to me.

£1 deposit on a card that both people can use. Deposit back on return. Card lasts 2 years.

#3 Twin Spiral Dragon Coaster

Powered dragon that people can be arsed to run. Sounds good to me.
Actually had the biggest queue of the day, waited a whole trains worth!

Tir Prince Family Funfair

£1 deposit on a card that both people can use. Deposit back on return. Card lasts 2 years.

#4 Batman

Another Fabbri spinner for the set. Didn’t notice that the cars tilt last time. I hope they’re supposed to. Quite good fun with the fact they are free spinning on the weird perpendicular lift hills. Got a decent spin throughout.

#5 Crazy Caterpillar

Another Wacky Worm for the set. How about a picture from the inside for once?

Family Fun Fair

Final place was another worrier as half of it is a construction site with signs saying coming 2019.

You can find it by the massive drop tower in the car park, for decorative purposes only.
The cred was still here though and just about to pack up for the day, but unlike Mack’s Amusements, they didn’t turn down token money in hand.

This one’s a #6 Nessi. That’s all the classic creds covered today.

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