Cred Hunting 05/18 – Somerset

Exciting (or harrowing) news! 2 shiny new creds have hit the UK.
But before we get to that, need to squeeze in a little visit here.

Animal Farm Adventure Park

For the second time in a week, I’ve been asked if I want to buy any sheep food. What sort of impression am I giving.

The park is home to a quirky Wacky Worm.

#1 Caterpiller

This model features magnetic brakes that are working far too hard, so the operator has a bit of a work out to get the train through the station for each of the 3 laps.

Reminded me of this scene for some reason.

With the important stuff out of the way, went to see some animals.

Reminding me of Pettitt’s now.

Sheep are rather scary creatures. Something about those eyes.

What’s in the shed?

Admiring the hair do.

Didn’t think llamas coulid have such cute faces outside of animation.

If sheep and goats aren’t scary enough for you, they’ve also got a reptile house.

So just down the road, on the beach at Weston-Super-Mud, this place made its contribution to the world only a week prior to our visit. And what a great name.

Funland at the Tropicana

For the second time in a week, bought some tokens from a dog. This one was inside someone’s shirt, so no picture unfortunately.

10 hours seems a bit of a stretch, but who am I to judge?

As I climb aboard my third Wacky Worm in a row.

#2 Wacky Worm

The paint was still shining and it glided effortlessly through the station.

This one had teething troubles and, for a brief moment, we thought it was going to spite as they evacuated 3 cars from the station and told everyone to go try something else.

This is the same part of the country where we camped out a certain Pinfari looper that was broken for 3 hours, so unperturbed, we simply settled in for the wait.

2 minutes later, following a spanner to the brakes, each car was sent round once and it was back in business. Well that was easy.

#3 Wild Mouse

Used to these being run down and falling apart, making it an unusual experience to ride it in fancy new trains. Gave quite a good run, not blocking at all until the final corner, but definitely missing that sketchy spark.

So there you go. No need for Icon and Wicker Man this year. Have at it.

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