Germany 08/16 – Bayern Park + Rodel- und Freizeitparadies St. Englmar

The lack of crowds for the time of year surprised me on this trip. I had expected to struggle a little on the more medium sized family parks, but it was never really an issue at all.

Day 4 – Bayern Park


#1 Freischütz

This was particularly apparent here, with their Maurer X-Car being a walk on all morning. Perhaps everyone got lost in the queue, as it is an actual maze at some points. Or perhaps it is true that this ride doesn’t meet the target audience of the rest of the park. Gave it several goes throughout the visit and was left mostly confused.

The inverted top hat was a nice element, but the rest of the layout seemed a bit shakey at times and trivial rather than fun, there were no other stand out moments other than a crushing intensity throughout the loop and following corner.

I find X-cars can be quite hit or miss. At the time, I believed this one to be a miss, but looking back it’s probably more my type of thing than I realised – forceful and a bit of a mould breaker. I just didn’t know it yet.

#2 Achterbahn

Ticked off the Tivoli large.

#3 Froschbahn

And the Tivoli small. I believe their next investment will be a Tivoli medium.

Had a nice walk through the woods and found a quaint little boat ride with a mouthful of a name – Rundbootfahrt durch Schloss und Grotte (and a dark ride section!)

The questionable rapids ride had a good out of control, tubey drop section where it came close to clearing the side and exploding in a fireball.

Was a little disappointed to find the hardware inside Thaolon, what I had written down as another ‘dark ride drop tower’ was a tad on the small side, with elves and sparkly lights. Could have been worse.

There wasn’t much left to do at this park except get my fill on Freischütz, so headed out earlier than planned to fulfil a few other backup plans.


Which began with a local farm for some Bobkart action. Great fun as always. Why can’t the farms near me have one of these?

Grass is always greener.

Please, let me have a ride.


Rodel- und Freizeitparadies St. Englmar

Final stop of the day was a bit of a mouthful to say.

I admire this neat little place, making sure all the gravity on this big hill doesn’t go to waste.

#4 Voglwuide Sepp

The new Zierer coaster with its unusual consecutive lifts hills was up first. The use of the terrain resulted in some solid family fun with an interesting layout.

#5 Bayerwald Coaster

Alpine coasters have their good and bad points. With the brake lever in your hands, you can go full speed with a lot more conviction, but there’s a little something lacking when you’re tied to the rails and aren’t thinking ‘I’m gonna crash this’ in the back of your mind.

The non-alpine coaster alongside it brought that feeling straight back. I particularly like these ones with the big upright backrests for maximum comfort, the backless seats are crippling on a long lift hill.

Day 5

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