Denmark 06/17 – Hansa Park?!

Day 3

Hansa Park

Ever since I got serious about getting out there and visiting the theme parks of the World, Hansa Park had always been right near the top of my list. From the stories of just how lovely the park is, with some calling it the best park in Germany, to the creation and opening of the unthinkable Karnan, Hansa Park was just begging for a visit. And now, thanks to Heartline’s genius, it was now.

I knew as soon as I reached the park entrance that the stories of how nice the park looks were true. Hansa Park in places is breathtaking and as much as I’m all about massive intense roller coasters, these days I can really appreciate how much effort and upkeep goes into making things look nice and it’s something Hansa Park fully understands and excels in.

Fluch von Novgorod – This is such a conflicting coaster to talk about so I’ll break it down into 2 sections.

Experience: As an experience, Novgorod is awesome. The theming is incredible and the story mysterious and gripping.

Coaster: The actual ride hardware however is a little lacking. While Gertslauer Eurofighters sometimes get it right, with Novgorod they haven’t quite nailed it. The launch and airtime hill combo are great but then you sort of just rattle around a bit, before an enclosed lift hill that doesn’t really do much, then a drop that does less and it’s over. What the park could have made this if the coaster hardware was better pains me.

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Nessie Superrollercoaster – I can’t say I remember much from this Schwarzkopf looping coaster but I did have a headache at the time.

Schlange von Midgard – Hansa Park have turned a Gertslauer family coaster (which are awesome as standard) into something really impressive.

Schwur des Karnan – I’ll be doing a full coaster write up on Karnan soon, so please click here to read about this insane coaster in more detail.

Where can I begin with Karnan? From the moment I saw the tower from the car park I was filled with immense fear and excitement. There really is not much like Karnan in the coaster world. Where else can you find a near 300 foot fully themed castle tower that every few minutes a coaster train comes flying out of?

The attention to detail with Karnan is outstanding. Theming levels or beats Disney and the effort put into telling the story of Karnan needs commending, with no less than six 15 minute mini documentaries playing in the queue.

You are batched into your rows by mystical forces in probably one of the best preshows I’ve ever seen.

Karnan’s trick lift hill is one of the scariest things I’ve ever experienced on a coaster. Waiting there, music blaring, heart throbbing, palms sweating, brain racing, Christ, this is something special. All this made even more insane by the levels of freedom made possible by lap bars. The coaster hasn’t properly started yet and it’s already a better experience than most out there.

Then you crest the lift, where riders in the back row will be violently ejected, over 200 feet in the air, almost into the tower structure itself, in yet another terrifying moment brought to you by Karnan. What follows is an intense blur of positive Gs so strong the seat tries cut your thighs, crazy pops of airtime, relentless pacing and one of the most intense inversions out there.

Karnan is all about taking everything to the extreme, whilst some may not like that, I love this thing to pieces.

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Hansa Park is a fantastic park, beautiful and an absolute pleasure to exist in, features a very strong coaster line up and it’s home to Karnan, I cannot recommend enough.

After the typically delayed flight home, one of my favourite Europe trips to date was over but it’s not one I’ll soon forget.

Thank you for reading.

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