USA 01/19 – San Diego

Time for another change of pace.

Day 7 – San Diego

Sauntered down to San Diego for a spot of sightseeing.

Balboa Park was the starting point. Buildings. Museums. All that fun stuff.
Highlight: Riding a shuttle bus with highly sensual smooth jazz.
Lowlight: 6 pounds for Dippin’ Dots.

Not to be confused with Belmont Park where the cred is.

Expected a similar affair to Santa Cruz, but it was a significantly smaller and quieter park. Only had 1 thing to do on my list and that 1 thing was open. Success!

There’s a nice little museum in the ticket office, showing a bit more respect for their history as well, rather than just painting a few facts on a cheap queueline wall like Santa Cruz.

Another fun tunnel start. They like this idea don’t they?
The actual ride was a bit weaker. Really crawling over those hills and crunching in those dips. S’alright though.

There’s the beach and sea. 2 in 1.

Then it was on to Point Loma. Wanted to go a bit further down to the end of the peninsula, but it was closed off due to a ‘government shutdown’. Assume Trump was up to something.

So this meant the most accessible part of the point was a load of military gravestones.

Giving the views over the city and the pacific a bit more of a sombre touch.

Up next – fish.

Day 8

USA 01/19 – Disney California Adventure
USA 01/19 – Sea World San Diego

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