China 01/20 – Guangzhou

To save extra (potentially wasted) journeys, the two spare days I had at the weekend were reallocated to extra time down here. Hotels were extended and shortened and the train back to Changsha was postponed.
One of those spare days was provisionally another day trip to Wuhan – had a couple of spites there last time involving a different set of duelling dragons but the ones down here were a different ride experience at least – higher priority right? Wuhan was also where the initial outbreak of this virus took place and it was already flooding the regional news so depending on your scepticism could have been a bullet dodged there too. (Epidemic – does that count towards my natural disaster spite collection?)
The other spare day was provisionally another day trip to Nanchang but the way Sunac was currently treating me that could have ended horribly as well, souring my previous experience with the park by running it terribly and leaving me coming away from the trip with more damage than improvement to my favourite rides.
No big loss in retrospect, but it did feel like a waste of potential at the time.

Particularly this day.

With its culture.

Day 10 – Jin Ying Amusement Park

I smell a mouse.

#1 Speed Slide



Guangzhou Zoo

Quite often in China the city zoos will have a small amusement section.

#2 Little Worm Train

Wow. Look at that unique layout.

#3 Forest Flying Mouse

This one not so much.

Aww, pandas.

What you can’t see here is a sign every 12 inches saying do not bang the glass, then as everyone has blatantly been ignoring those signs, crowd control barriers physically keeping you away from the glass.

Always been more of a red panda man myself. Can I take one of these home?


South China Botanical Garden

In fact almost any outdoor attraction in a city is likely to have something for me in it.

Are we sure about this one?

Go on, take a closer look.

#4 Jungle Flying Squirrel

Fear not. The tranquility of the Botanical Garden has been broken by some ugly amusements.

Sadly this one was ‘maintenance.’
From what I saw, I’d say it’s beyond help.

+4 for the day then.

Canton Tower looks pretty at night.

Up next – a bit more of an actual park.

Day 11

China 01/20 – Guangzhou Sunac Land
China 01/20 – Chuanlord Holiday Manor

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