Cred Hunting 07/17 – West Sands Fun Fair

West Sands Fun Fair

Time to take a short break from the fancy stuff and get down and dirty.
Drove for 40 minutes through intermittent bursts of rain so heavy you couldn’t see the road.
Sat in the car park for 30 minutes while it was chucking it down.
The rain eased slightly.

#1 Big Apple

Walked up to the cred as a couple of staff members were starting to come out of hiding from the weather. No one else around at all.
“Do you wanna go on that?”
“Yes, yes we do.”
“Sweet, I don’t know how the brakes work but I know a man who does.”
Several more staff wander over and between them are able to meet the criteria to take our money and get the ride running.
Got 3 laps.

Highlight: Got the cred.
Lowlight: Got wet.

Better than Nagashima Spiteland.

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