Cred Hunting 09/17 – Skegness

Here’s a bit of a fun weekend in pursuit of some previous spite:

Day 1 – Fantasy Island

#1 Odyssey (pictured in yellow) is a hard creature to catch, but we finally managed it this year. I had some mild form of excitement for the ride, as although it’s a Vekoma SLC, it’s reasonably unique and absolutely huge.

Well it rides terribly. I simply resorted back to my zoned out defensive mode and that was that. At least it’s done.

Millennium (pictured in yellow) remains an offensively smooth mince around the park and the nearby streets. Boarding the the train directly above the high street is still a novel experience.

Couldn’t resist riding Seaquarium, the fishy dark ride thing. Got the song stuck in my head again. A classic.
I forget the rest.

Botton’s Pleasure Beach
As nice as the staff were last time, this park was down to a 5 minute job, from the previous 15 minute job.
Needed #2 Queen Bee. Got Queen Bee.
Did the ghost train cos it worked out with a token deal. Wasn’t great.

Mack’s Amusements
The wrong Mack unfortunately.
Sketchy looking thing on a beach:

They closed down early for the day, in front of our face.
Didn’t want to take our money.
You win some, you lose some.

Day 2

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Cred Hunting 09/17 – Norfolk + Clacton

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