Italy 08/19 – Cavallino Matto

The next day took us to ol’ Crazy Horse. A more low-key affair on the way up through Italy but with a fair few creds on offer.

Day 4 – Cavallino Matto

Not often you see admissions staff in heels. Interesting start.

#1 Topo Zorro

First coaster in sight. I admire the cheese theming.

#2 Project 1

And then the other of that L&T ride from Powerpark in Finland a few days ago. 2 in the world, done in a week.

#3 Wild Mine

Another of these almost wild mouse rides. Exciting so far?

#4 Speedy Gonzales

Thought we’d just done a ride themed to him, but there’s a subtle difference.

#5 Jurassic River

This ride is a bit different and relatively new. The one and only Water Coaster to be made so far by Technical Park.
It’s sort of a log flume, but it distinctively runs on coaster track for significant sections. There’s lots of drifting around animatronic dinosaurs, including big ones that dribble on you.
Weirdly it ends to How to Train your Dragon music. I think they ripped the wrong CD.
Not very wet, not very thrilling, it was alright.

#6 Freestyle

But this thing. This thing was amazing. Togo are the undisputed kings when it comes to Stand-Up Coasters and this one is just viciously fun. Huge too.

They always nail the actual sensation of standing up and that becomes pretty damn special with the stuff that this layout does:

Terrifying airtime hills.

This weird wonky straight thing.

And finally the deadly speed hills.

Our first go in the front was a little hairy. I got a little punched in the head by the restraint and was then worried before we even took the first drop, but by the end it was all worth it again.
We went against the advisory rules in the station which said you shouldn’t ride it more than once every 50 minutes and got straight on again in the back row…

Standing airtime was a thing on Milky Way. It wasn’t significant, but it was there and it was cool.
This time it was feet fully off the floor, arms flailing and then having to worry about how you landed yourself back on the train again in order to cope with whatever came next. A very rare sensation in this game which was simultaneously scary and amazing. Loved it.
I’m more annoyed that one spited me earlier this year now. Highly recommend trying one of these before they die out.

Called it a day after that success. Another quirky little place worth a visit, with just the one standout attraction.

Guess what?


Apparently it’s one of those towns where you’re not allowed to drive in the middle of, or you’ll end up doing a Top Gear/Grand Tour causing a scene and apologising to endless locals in many outdoor cafe’s.
So there’s a park and ride thing in a stadium on the outside. Easy and cheap. Drops you off outside the walls.

Didn’t really know there was other stuff around the leaner, but here it is.

Big ol’ church.

Oh, there it is.

And, that?


Up next – disappointment.

Day 5

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