USA 12/18 – San Francisco

Day 3

Time for a brief respite from queuing on foot.

Queued in the car instead by driving into the city to see a few sights.

Had enough coinage here for 14 minutes of parking. That’s my kinda sightseeing.

Close enough for Alcatraz.

This was rather nice too.

I like completion. There’s one of these I frequently visit in Singapore, not because I’m that way inclined, just because the food is surprisingly good.
So I’ve now visited every establishment of theirs in the world, including 2 that closed down. Yay.

Talking of completion, memories of CGA were eating away at me all day. I had missed that cred and wasn’t satisfied with a single lap on the GCI. They were doing another 5pm to 10pm.

California’s Great America (Round 2)

So here we are again. Knew how to play it smart this time. Rope drop, straight in to Gold Striker, ahead of the masses.

It didn’t give me a headache this time and was marginally better. Satisfied.

Kept heading swiftly towards the back, but it would be rude to pass on this. RailBlazer was ridiculous as always.

#1 Woodstock Express

Beat those kids to Woodstock Express, never mind the squeeze into the car. It’s much more significant a ride than I imagined, thought it was going to be something like Zamperla 80STD #2.
Has a bit of a jet coaster vibe with the layout and just look at that massive lift hill. Satisfied.


Better off on Flight Deck instead. Doesn’t seem to hold the queues like the rest of the park.

I assume because it was a Saturday, everything else had got even more ridiculously busy than the previous visit after I had finished my first lap of the park, so I slithered out again very early on.
A much more efficient run. Love this season pass flexibility.

Day 4

USA 12/18 – Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
USA 12/18 – Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk + Gilroy Gardens

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