USA 04/19 – 2 Gigas, 1 Day

This day was free to cover a lot of things going wrong in other parts of the trip, but we had done very well on getting everything major, so the regular plan was just revisits on route back to the starting point for fun.
You know what would be cool?
Riding 2 giga coasters in a day.
So we did.

Day 11 – Carowinds

Back here again for opening time, knowing the procedure like the back of our hand, it feels like home already.

Copperhead Strike

Couple of Copperheads.


An Afterburn. Still good.

#1 Kiddy Hawk

A bonus cred! The Vekoma SFC opened for us. Park complete.

Fury 325

Couple of Furys. Hit the road.

It was another long old drive to be doing in the middle of a park day, but we were spurred on by the prospect of re-rides on our favourite RMC of the trip. Arrived there late afternoon without any particular hitches.

Kings Dominion

Intimidator 305

Couple of Intimidators. Mission complete.


A Dominator. Still not good.

#2 Racer 75 (South)

A bonus cred! The other side of the racing woodie opened for us. Park complete.

Twisted Timbers

Twisted Timbers til we bleed. Almost.
Coulda gone more, but my cred counting companion was evidently battered by this stage of the trip (lightweight) and then some undesirables soured the experience – weird old people clearly on drugs started causing a scene in the queue while the staff didn’t know how to handle it.

I did get an insane ride in the rain and another couple of nighttime laps though. It reconfirmed the doubts that it wasn’t just the first RMC of the trip getting us back in the game and feeling better than the rest, it actually was better.

One more park to go. Everyone’s favourite.

Day 12

USA 04/19 – Six Flags Over Georgia
USA 04/19 – Six Flags America

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