China 04/18 – Gingko Lake Park

Time to see what else we can mop up around Nanjing then.
Phoned Suzhou Giant Wheel park due to the imminent threat of Stingray retiring form service. I had already missed it once. Ride’s still closed.
Phoned the mall park with the motocoaster. I had already missed it once. Still a building site, not answering the phone.

Oh well, had my eye on this place for a while.

Day 7 – Gingko Lake Park

First impressions were mixed. Pretty much the most expensive park in China (other than Disney). Seemed like a lot for what they had on offer.

The amusement park isn’t a massive part of it though, once inside it’s like a big glamorous version of the city parks, so a good place for a stroll.

That was nice.

Onto the main event then.
I’ve got a bit of a thing for Jet Coasters, so seeing that there was one relocated from Japan to China with no RCDB pictures definitely piqued my interest.

#1 Bullet Train

Being the weekend, it was managing to hold a bit of a queue, around 30 minutes.
I can’t quite believe it, but they run it with 2 trains!

Not well admittedly. It has 2 lifts, the second train isn’t sent until the first train is well clear of lift 2, then with all the regular loading and unloading faff it ends up sitting on the brake run for 3-5 minutes. Still, a positive effort.

Technically 3 lifts. It has a bit of an unconventional transfer track and storage section.

The ride was glorious, as all Jet Coasters are.
1 accidental air time moment in the first half.
1 accidental dodgy moment at the end where it looks like they’ve retracked it badly for the transfer track.

I like a good ride stat sign. The reference to curve radius of a ride was new to me.

2 more creds to hit then. The amazingly named SLC: Flying and Floating Over the Clouds and Water, and a baby Jet Coaster cutely named: Cho Cho Train.

But then it rained, everything closed and I was back to being disappointed.

I wish.

Day 8

China 04/18 – Fantawild Resort Wuhu
China 04/18 – Xi’an

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