Cred Hunting 05/18 – Cornwall + Devon

‘Your move Big Sheep. I’ve got my voucher. I’m ready. Are you?’
Gotta start this one off with I can’t believe I forgot the bloody voucher…


If anywhere needed a voucher it was this place. I’m always saying “I’ve done worse”, but struggling to think of an example right now.

#1 Hornet

WENT for the BUZZZZ! …on Britain’s most Southerly COASTER.

Having a walk-on Vol Don’t Care was a novelty and they were hauling as much arse as its counterpart, running 3 trains for about 3 people.

Was quite fun watching other trains buzz around while on it.

Had a quick browse of what else was on offer.

Figured Skyraker001 was worth a shot, one of those SBF bouncy towers that offers some mild tingly feeling.

Wandered into a spinning tunnel.

Wandered into some dinosaurs.

Wandered out. Not a fan of this place as a ticket costs the same as a Blackpool Pleasure Beach wristband and there’s really no comparison there, but hey, it’s done. Next.

Camel Creek Adventure Park

This place was nicer.

Home to this beast.

Some other beasts.

#2 Morgawr

Good to get another obscure manufacturer cred on the list (Garmendale Engineering). Train was cute and the ride was a good laugh.

Wandered into this place, which housed 5 little 4 seater simulator pods in front of a big screen, with about 30 chairs straight out of a school hall placed behind them for the ‘non-thrilling option’.

The film was Red Beards Rapids (as promised) and was another good laugh.

This place had animals as well (didn’t see any camels though) and felt like a much more well rounded park, so good job. Next.

Big Sheep

Cornwall was left behind us and Devon seems much friendlier in comparison. As with Milky Way earlier in the year, got an enthusiastic run down from admissions staff of all the things on offer in the park. Was also asked if I wanted any sheep food. I’m alright thanks.

Follow the arrows to the cred.

#3 Rampage

Ride operator on this custom Zierer Tivoli was great, really going out of his way to acknowledge everyone and make sure they had a good time.

The coaster was fun, if just for the weirdness of the layout.

It was an indoor ride in its original location and now it’s just up in the air doing its own thing.

Those super long trains make back row quite a thrill as well.

Some sheep appeared, just to remind us where we were. Think they were doing a practice lap for the race later, also wetting the track to add an element of danger.


China, can’t escape it.

Not much else on the ride front here, but seemed liked a good day out for regular people. Next.

Funder Park

#4 Wacky Worm

Final leg of the trip and finally a Wacky Worm to make the tale worthy of the cred hunting series. There’s something heart warming about those faces.

Bought some tokens from a dog.

Got 3 laps of goodness.

That was fun(der).

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