China 04/18 – Fantawild Adventure Shenyang

Final day in the city and my backup plan list was already running dry. It had all been very unsuccessful and rather demoralising.
Options were: risk the Botanical Garden being winded out again (they weren’t answering the phone), do another city park with basically the same boring lineup as the first day, or put myself through another Fantawild Adventure park.


Day 3 – Fantawild Adventure Shenyang

The bus pulled directly into the car park which was a welcome start for one of these parks. There looked to be about 20 cars total, with someone in a BMW trying and failing to do donuts in the open space.

Walked down the massive main street section which is all set up for a second gate. It’s just wasteland for now, but will probably open before the new Hotgo park. For a rare change, I didn’t even care what was open and what wasn’t so ignored the signs, no questions to the staff, bought tickets and headed in.

The castle centrepiece is in scaffolding making for a pretty sight. Quite a nice effect, from a certain point of view.

Came to Sky Sailor first, which was next running in about an hour. Seen several of the buildings that housed these rides before, but hadn’t actually managed to do it yet, missing the most recent one by about 5 minutes. So we made plans to try it this time.

Water ride wasn’t open. Don’t think I’ve ever seen one of the themed ones open.

#1 Vesuvio Volcano

Cred then. Mount Tanggula, but with a volcano instead. That same double lift mine train layout that is just absolutely everywhere over here now. Not as hilariously bad as the previous iteration though.

#2 Flare Meteor

Standard operations meant that took an age, so cred ran to the Golden Horse SLC to get it out of the way. It actually felt a bit windy today, unlike the day before when things were closed, so my thoughts on the lift were mainly ‘please don’t stall, please don’t stall, please don’t stall.’

I reckon the wind made an impact as the ride had an overly long upside down moment in the cobra roll that actually felt quite cool. The rest of it was quite bad. It’s not the side to side that gets me on SLCs any more, it’s the weird backwards and forward pumping that some of them develop. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it just shakes your insides a little too much. This was the latter.

Slightly injured, cred ran back to the complete opposite end of the park (dedication) to arrive just in time for Sky Sailor.

Rode too many flying simulators on this trip, so I’m struggling to even remember which one this was…
Nope. Can’t.

Not bad, but obviously nothing special. Better than Ferrari Land.

Did a full lap of the park from there, seeing what else might be new to me/interesting enough to do again. Everything we came to was either closed or had a time slot that was way later in the afternoon, by which time we would have to leave.

The only attraction even worth considering was Space Warrior in the end, the screen shooting ride that I really didn’t like previously.

Some of the dark rides at Fantawild parks have what I’ll call reception areas at their entrance, separate to the queue, with benches and in this case, books and colouring pencils. This is mainly because on quieter days they take regular breaks from running the ride, only operating in waves or a few cars at a time.
Stood in this reception area for about half an hour while the staff girl was waiting for ‘the call’ from the ride team.
Ended up having a good chat as she was rather friendly. Apparently only 3 ‘westerners’ had been to this park before (I reckon I can name them) and life working at Fantawild is rather boring.
Gave up in the end, said we’ve got a train to catch and told her not to worry, we’ve done this ride in Zhengzhou. Shock face.

Gave up on the park as well, leaving nothing to chance with transport and getting out of this city. It wasn’t necessary to hurry as for the first time I’ve ever seen, all the high speed trains in the region were delayed by over an hour. Due to, yes, wind.

Didn’t mind this park as much as the previous iteration as there were zero stakes, minimum faff and no particular need to rush anything (though I still ended up running like an idiot). Still felt like achieving very little (other than a +2) out of half a day out though and, ugh, this hobby bothers me sometimes.

Somewhat dissatisfied, called it a day.

Day 4

China 04/18 – Shenyang
China 04/18 – Quancheng Euro Park

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