Norway 05/23 – TusenFryd

After two fulfilling days of action, it was time to head back up to Oslo and put in our courtesy visit to TusenFryd. Sure, the new coaster wasn’t ready for us yet, but there were still 2 new creds and a new dark ride to be had, along with the need to pick up our as yet redundant season passes.

On route, it began to drizzle, putting a further dampener on proceedings. The website was checked and found to have a notice up now saying ‘due to extreme weather conditions, some attractions will be unavailable’. Huh. 10°C and drizzle passes for extreme in Norway? I thought better of them.

As the journey continued it began to snow. The temperature dropped to single figures, and then plummeted further still. Ok, I’ll give it to them now.
As such, we pulled into the car park with very little hopes of achieving anything. There was a surprising turnout of cars, given what we already knew to be the case – some dedication against the extreme weather.

Day 3 – TusenFryd


While we queued to collect the passes, an announcement was made and the gates were open. We headed up the escalator steeped in coaster track, through the OG Norwegian loop, of a closed ride.
The only ride in the entire establishment that was open was the log flume.

Already cold, wet and miserable, we opted to sit out on that delight and head towards the downhill region of the park, an area that had been cruelly closed on our last visit back in Halloween 2018. It was closed off with a sign informing us that there would be a 20 minute wait before we could proceed further.

We waited it out, with nothing better to do, and the internet already informing us of the impending disappointments lying in wait at the bottom. Sure enough a cheery staff member arrived to unleash us, and one other group towards…


#1 Supersplash. Yes, the only ride we managed on this visit was this. The dark ride was inexplicably closed (for weather?), as were all the legit coasters, leaving only the water rides in action. Somewhat more annoyingly, Spite – the Dragon was testing in the background all morning, not that it would ever operate in these conditions it seems.


Not so sure about the super, but here’s the splash. And a +1.

Thus, our visit came to a close. We camped out in the car park again for shelter, to assess the options and determine whether anything would improve. As it stood, there was still another potential +1 in HuriHuri, but the motivation was low to sit it out for potentially the rest of the day. We clearly have to come back some other time anyway, and probably this year while the passes are hot. It’s gonna be an expensive spite.

Instead we took a drive into Oslo to see some of the city and get some decent food. The weather did cheer up from here, so who knows what happened back at the park. Things got a little dicey as I trundled down some tram tracks, not 100% certain that I was supposed to, and then a policeman on a bike blocked the way and came over for a chat. Oh no.

He was very friendly and only there to inform us that the road up ahead was closed, asking where we were headed. We were then pointed in the direction of a nearby car park and continued on our merry way.


On foot, we got caught up in the midst of a Mayday parade, hence the road closure. I’ve only learnt that this was what it was after the fact, at the time just being very confused by an extended series of colourful and peaceful protests, marching bands and all, for and against just about anything you could possibly imagine.


After our sustenance was obtained, they all eventually dissipated this way, leaving a mostly unobstructed whistle-stop tour of some sights.


But I’m still waiting on a real live moose encounter.

Airport time, job done. Clearly I won’t be bothering with a map and stuff on this one.
Not the best of successes, a +2 for the weekend that was meant to be a +4 (and a dark ride), but hey, Liseberg.

I’ll be back momentarily with another, bigger weekender.

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