Spain 03/18 – More PortAventura

This guy is great. Watches Tomahawk all day and either sings classic hits or shouts at people in angry Spanish.

Day 3 – PortAventura

Thought the final day (a Monday) would be a breeze, but the sun came out and it got busier than the weekend.
With many stories of how bad the operations are lingering in the back of our minds, thought that would be game over. It wasn’t.

Must have been some new operators around for the season. Got stuck on Khan for a while until an engineer showed up, laughed and said you’re doing it wrong, pushed one button and off we went.

Similar story with Stampida. One train decided it didn’t want to leave the brakes while the other stopped itself on the lift. Same engineer rocked up, laughed and said you’re doing it wrong, harnessed up, pushed a button up the lift and off it went.
Sadly the winning streak ended here. 4 out of 5 ain’t bad.

The rapids ride was decent. Had a continuous fast pace to it, but no deadly wet moments.

Tried 4D Dinosaur Thing: The Ride. Queue was better than the ride. They cheaped out and used that same film I see absolutely everywhere now, just with a preshow added that bigs it up too much.

Some beautiful B&M pics:

Technical question: announcement was playing claiming Shambhala was running at low capacity – they ran 2 trains for a little while, but reverted back to 1 “due to the weather” (a sunny 15°C).
Lies? or does it run so slowly that a slight breeze will stall it.

And that was PortAventura. Good little park that, far greater than the sum of its parts. Shame it gets a bad rep.

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