China 01/20 – Changsha

All good things must come to an end.

There was time for one more park in the morning before the plane home. A humble affair in the middle of the city.

Hunan Martyr’s Park

Entertainment ground. That’s the one.

Spongebob x Nemo collab.

#1 Jungle Flying Mouse

Jungle Mouse was the order of the day of course.
It had a weird smoother track style and a much less vicious layout. A questionable modern perk.

And there used to be a looper here on this patch of grass. Spite.

The end.


New creds – 45
Total parks – 18
Dark rides – 26
Jungle Mouses – 8
Best coaster – Jungle Trailblazer (Nanning)
Best not-a-clone coaster – Harpy
Best park – Fantawild Asian Legend for the overall lineup. Honorable mentions to Colourful Yunnan Paradise and Oriental Heritage Changsha
Distance travelled ~ 3313 Miles-ish
Not counting things that haven’t opened at all yet (Xingdong and the S&S), Spites – 5/50 (10%)

The science holds! January is king.

China 01/20 – Oriental Heritage Changsha
Italy 08/19 – Parco delle Stelle + Etnaland

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