Cred Hunting 02/18 – Devon

Surprised it’s so early, but it turns out some places actually open in February!

They obviously get very busy with it.

A hideously early start for a winter weekend landed us in the car park somewhere in between park opening and ride opening for:

Milky Way Adventure Park

All the rides you could ever want.

Kicked off to a fantastic start, with a very enthusiastic staff member giving us a highly detailed explanation of the park map, planning out a little itinerary for our day including a show at 3pm. Didn’t have the heart to say we’d be gone by 11:10.
Took particular note of the speech about the wacky worm, saying that for those not brave enough for the big coaster, adults are always welcome.
Great to hear such thoughtfulness when a fair few parks in this country try and make you feel bad about taking a harmless ride (or even flat out refuse you). One day society will accept us.

This highly detailed explanation led to us immediately getting lost. The park has a very weird layout, forcing you through certain attractions including Dr. Who and pink R2D2 (what?), then down corridors that look like a school and into doors you don’t feel you should be opening.

Stumbled outside and bagged our first cred of the day.

#1 Cosmic Typhoon

Standard stuff. Spent most of the ride in a battle between keeping the park map safely in hand and protecting said hands from the bitter cold.
Reminds me I’m back home when I’m freezing my arse off in a park.

#2 Cosmic Caterpillar

Made a beeline for the worm and as if by magic, the operator appeared, coffee flask in hand.

Now had 17 minutes to kill before Clone Zone opened. Decided the maze sounded like the best way to do this, but managed to navigate through the hedges much easier than the actual park.

Magnificent looking specimens.

#3 Clone Zone

Seeing that we couldn’t contain our excitement, they opened a couple of minutes early and led us through for a quick safety chat. The assumption was made that we wouldn’t get scared, but make enough noise and the aliens will go away.

The walkthrough bit was a good laugh and I like the way you get a tour guide giving you a bit of back story and a scare or two. Got attacked by an alien near the end as the host made a swift exit, presumably to go run the ride. The best reaction I could manage was a mild “oh no!”

Weird contraptions these bat flyers, particularly in powered form. I rather enjoyed the exposed feeling as it pitches about accelerating and deccelerating in hilarious fashion. Scenes and animatronics were great too, just all ended a little too soon.

Almost ended, had to ungracefully manouevre the tunnel at the end.

All done then.
Grabbed a £1 voucher for Big Sheep on the way out, though we knew their cred wasn’t open today. Have to stay one step ahead.

Back on the road to Credit-on.

With due dedication, we had done our research and the other park with available creds in fickle February was:

Crealy Adventure Park

We even had an email confirming said creds would be open, playing it so smart.
Wait, what’s this?

Can’t escape the spite.

Have to grab things while you can in this game, so soldiered on anyway.

Roman soldiered even.

#4 Maximus

Vekoma Junior with a shed. Name might oversell it a bit.

Bit more significant in comparison to #5 Shark Bay though.
Was told it was difficult to get. It wasn’t. +1!

The Paultons-fed dinosaur craze in UK parks has reached Devon too. We’re blatantly worse for copying stuff than China.

Fearless seagull.

Gave their version of the dinosaur ride a go. Gotta get your moneys worth from these places.

Started off a bit budget, but it had another shed and some animatronic ones near the end. A reasonable attempt.

Not quite the perfect success we were hoping for but a +5 is a step in the right direction and a great way to kill a day.
Should only need 1 more trip down this way to dust it all off… but I’m far too cursed for that.
Your move Big Sheep. I’ve got my voucher. I’m ready. Are you?

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