Cred Hunting 09/17 – Norfolk + Clacton

Day 2 – Pettitts Animal Adventure Park
Nice little park.

#1 Rocky Roller Coaster

Nice little ride.

Spent some time looking at raccoons.

My reaction to yesterday’s spite.

Joyland Childrens Fun Park
Didn’t make it here last time we were in Great Yarmouth. Can’t remember exactly why.
They pack the rides in tighter than I do.

Another WGH for the collection in the form of #2 Spook Express. Jellikins may make that collection hard to complete.
The ride is quite a good use of space, being situated above everything else in the park. Takes a few laps and has a bit of an ‘indoor section’.

Did Tyrolean Tubtwist. Hilarious. Vicious. Don’t agree on the Coaster Count stance on this one when it’s pretty much the same logic as:
Did the Snails. Hilarious. Vicious. ‘Undefined’. Not a cred.

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach
Popped in for the first Wacky Worm I’ve ever reridden, albeit 15 years later. Mega-Lite needed the cred. Not as good as I remember, but very enthusiastic staff is always a plus.

Took a token lap on Rollercoaster. Be rude not to.
Tivoli Gardens killed these classic woodies, the brake men are such wusses everywhere else.

There’s still time. What else can we squeeze in? Against better judgment, Clacton.

Pavilion Fun Park
Got out of the car just as Hurricane Irma was hitting the east coast of England.

Shouting through the wind:
What is this? Nagashima?

Battled through a sandstorm and walked to…

Clacton Pier
Stella’s Revenge was that she was also spiting.
However, the ticket bloke managed to phone up a member of staff to run #3 Wild Mouse Coaster for us, in adverse weather.

As it’s obviously a Wacky Worm and not a Wild Mouse, I’ve finally got the ‘most confusing cred name’ cred to my name.

A reasonable amount of success in this weekend. Still plenty of loose ends around the area to keep me out of trouble though.

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