China 04/18 – Nanhu Park

Well this trip was a right mess, hopefully that makes for a good read.

First day was cut in half by a ‘rescheduling’ of the flight. Not that this really mattered in the end (spoilers).
Touched down in Shenyang halfway through the day to find that apparently there’s no legit public transport from the airport to the city. Ended up with a taxi ride that seemed to take forever, though the driver was friendly enough.

Checked into the hotel. Still time for a few creds.
Took the metro to somewhere vaguely near a backup plan park. Strolled through a nice green space from there, but there were no surprise creds in sight. I always forget how massive everywhere is in China, so the plan to walk it was becoming a burden and ended up jumping on a bus to…

Day 1 – Nanhu Park

Always good to start strong. One of those ‘stick a grubby amusement park in the back of some trees in the city’ places that China does so well.

Walked past various other activities like karaoke in the pagoda, karaoke on the bridge and karaoke on the riverbank. Varying vocal quality.

Eventually stumbled into the hustle and bustle of the amusement area.
Turned down about 50 people wanting customers for some dodgy looking flat rides. “Nah mate, creds only.”
The first person to earn some money was standing outside this ride, somehow managed to negotiate a 2 for 1 deal out of him.

#1 Spinning Coaster

Classic spinner of unknown origins. The cars have the ability to rotate from the top of the lift, unlike the usual ones of these that don’t allow any spinning to kick in until about halfway through the layout, but the poor trackwork never allows it to pick up enough speed to do anything much.

A proper beast was up next, looking lonely and abandoned. An old woman was running some insignificant ride in front and beckoned. No no, open the cred for us instead.
Money in hand, how could they say no?

#2 Golden Dragon Roller Coaster

Loved this one. Such character. Before we could sit in the train, a musty old cushion was placed on the seat for us. After squeezing in, a second musty old cushion was wedged in between my left side and the edge of the car. I like where this is headed.

Got 3 laps of pure comedy, each time the lift struggling more and more to engage, breaking our backs once it did. Need to relocate that cushion.

#3 Jungle Squirrel

JUNGLE MOUSE! I’m ashamed to say that I’ve had to enter the country 5 times to get on one of these, so I was very happy to finally do it. Close your eyes and the spirit of Wild Mouse lives on. Minus the air time.

Headed over a bridge to a more barren section of the park for the biggest ride of the day. Now some damage could be done.
The guy running it was delighted to have a customer and immediately jumped on the microphone to try and churn up some more business with me as the poster boy.
Nah. No one was buying it.

Off we go then.

#4 Roller Coaster

The layout starts with a slow helix of doom that builds tension before you plunge into the undersized loop.

The inversion was pretty grim, something akin to a sucker punch. The remainder was manageable.

The final and most shameful cred in the park was a small worm thing, but it was abandoned and the train parked in the wrong place, so that didn’t happen.
Pity, probably one of the few of those that would actually let adults on.
Here’s a depressed monkey instead:

Jumped on the ferris wheel opposite for some views.

Boat ride on a zipwire there that I expected to go into the water at least. Nope.

The pods on the wheel didn’t smoothly follow with gravity, rather lurched and grated in stages, so it felt a little sketchy. Not the worst wheel of the trip though.

Satisfied with the haul, called it a day.

Day 2

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