Australia 01/18 – Gold Coast + Brisbane

Day 4 – Dreamworld

Another case of unfinished business, but definitely not for the coasters.

Great position.

Saw the rest of the animals.

Rode the vintage cars. A real RCT throwback.

Did the train again.

Walked in and then back out of the Giant Drop queue. Not with that throughput.

And that was Dreamworld.

Went for a drive around.

Up some hills.

Ended up back at Gold Coast to do the observation deck owned by Dreamworld people. You wouldn’t know it was a tourist attraction as it isn’t really signposted at all. Stumbled across a little car park round the back of the area and walked across from there.

One of the fastest lifts in Australia or some dumb claim.

A few views from the top.

Dreamworld was promoted on signs up here. Movie World was not.

Withdrawal symptoms kicking in. Better get back to cred hunting tomorrow.

Day 5

Last day in Australia spent in style going a long way for a +1.
The morning drive took us through the middle of Brisbane.

What is this, Japan?

What is this, China?

Aussie World

It was 1000 degrees, so this terrible picture was taken in vampire mode.

Here we are. The main event.

#1 Bug Run Kiddie Rollercoaster

A rare no-antenna tyre-lift model.
Also can’t park itself properly.

Are you… scared

Of spiders!?

Finally, the first water ride of the trip. Can’t beat a good double down.

Took a spin on the wheel.

No sign of that spinner being built yet.

Developed a fear of large deceptive mirrors.

What’s in the shed?
Honourable mention to the ride ‘Little Beaut Toot Toot.’

Golf was fun, though a little on the cheap side. I could have made it onto the hero board, but we were somewhat liberal with the scoring.
And that was Aussie World, a nice little family place. Shame they lost their rare wooden wild mouse.

Found a few more things to look at in the area and on the way back.

Wild Horse Mountain.

Brisbane from another mountain.

Good stuff.

Guess what country comes next.

Australia 01/18 – Dreamworld
China 01/18 – Fantawild Resort Xiamen

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