USA 01/19 – Sea World San Diego

Day 8 – Sea World San Diego

Turning up to this park felt like a real chore rather than something to look forward to due to the stupidly extortionate price and knowing I was in for a spite. I just can’t say no to Mack rides (or more specifically achieving the full set of their launch coaster layouts, for a few months). Had a better time than expected thankfully, even if this report won’t show it.

They half-arsed the rope drop leaving some people to get cut in half while surging forward. Essential cleaning needed.

Having to do another Premier Sky Rocket was the main chore, not gonna put up with queuing for a second one of these.

#1 Electric Eel

It’s so obnoxiously worse than the original. The ‘comfort collars’ on the restraints are just so impractical you can’t even get into the train properly. I don’t see the point in them and they pretty much ruin a semi-decent ride. Well done to the world for finding multiple ways of doing that.

#2 Manta

On to better things.

Sigh… lockers. Mack make a great little baggage holder for their rides don’t you know? But of course that would take away a source of revenue that makes your customers feel more ripped off.

Back at home in the best trains in the world. Let’s see what you’ve got Manta.
I don’t know how this runs normally, but the launch section was under a poor projection screen with a few snowflakes on it and Santa is saying “ho-ho-ho lets slow this ride down for Christmas.” Someone replies “we can’t slow it down.” And off you go. Quality.

I wasn’t expecting a huge amount from this and came off equal parts pleased and disappointed. It does have good moments and it is a fun ride, but whose idea was it to put trim brakes directly before the 2nd launch? It’s like when I couldn’t build multi launches properly in RCT2, only someone commissioned this as a final product. Well done to the world for ruining that sensation.

Let’s have another Mack track porn session then.

Nope, stop, the flamingos have killed it.

Never done an Orca show before, so slithered in for that. To answer the question in the picture – no.
But I know more now.

Not 100% on how the line goes. Jump Free Willy?

Journey spiting. Expected.

Rapids spiting. Unexpected. These guys were in the same place just staring both times I looked, about 4 hours apart, so it’s obviously broke.

Did most of the other animal stuff.

There was a weird simulator ride called Wild Arctic before the arctic exhibits, it didn’t make much sense. I appreciate the way it was themed to taking you to the exhibit as if it was on location, but fairly sure they said we were in a helicopter, a helicopter that crashes underwater during the journey and comes out of it alright. Huh.

I like the way this staff member has been working with penguins so long that they now stand like one.

I’d rather climb into and lie down in the ‘touch the shark’ exhibit than pay this park upcharge for rides like the observation tower so our time here soon drew to a close after that.

Knott Sea World

It was time to drive back up to L.A. and there were a few spare hours in the evening so had some more Cedar Fair season pass fun and popped into Knott’s for a preview.

Glad I did this as it took a lot of pressure off the main visit tomorrow by ticking off all the big coasters (#3 – #7 for the day) bar Xcelerator, which was doing an Intamin. It was also the only time of the trip that GhostRider was spontaneously running a single rider queue, if only for a few brief minutes.

Hello #700.

Day 9

USA 01/19 – San Diego
USA 01/19 – Knott’s Berry Farm

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