China 01/20 – Nanning Wanda Theme Park

The next stop on the journey was Nanning.

After the hectic nature of the previous day, took a morning train down and minced around a mall for a while.

Then went to another mall, where a duck said there was a cred.

I recognise that name.

Day 6 – Nanning Wanda Theme Park

The panda in this picture unnerves me now when I look back at it. It could almost be someone in a costume, but one that I never noticed in person.

The park is a free entry, pay per ride set up. And not quite what I was expecting.

The reason I was here – Flower Bloom.

No, the Adverture of Phoenix.

#1 Phoenix Adventure

Otherwise known as that Golden Horse with the drop track. Drop tracks are a set that keeps eluding me – I ride one and another appears.

It has a terribly weak layout that trundles around some rocks, surprisingly poorly.
The drop itself is reasonably powerful and makes it worth a couple of goes, if only for the novelty.
It happens inside a mine looking bit and there’s a crude projection of a phoenix, followed by what I believe to be a projected written warning of what’s about to happen. The wusses.

Here’s some pics of what the park looks like. Don’t have a huge amount to say about the place to be honest. It was a bit something and nothing, less significant than I had imagined.
I would have done a few other creds in the city first before coming here, but I didn’t want the cred here to be on some dumb timings even though the park was open late.

This poor bloke was bumping cars on his own.

I’m having to stoop to dodgy translations on signs for entertaintment now.

They’ve done a Happy Valley here and got completely the wrong ride sign outside some things.
This was in fact a spitey 4D simulator which had 3 minutes until the next hourly time slot but they could only take payment via an app and I’d have to run back to the entrance. They said they categorically wouldn’t wait for that even though there were absolutely no other guests involved.

So we left.
The start of the fall of Wanda.

Day 7

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