China 01/18 – Happy Valley Shenzhen

Back to Shenzhen for the final day and Wood Coaster has decided to evade me for a second time by being under maintenance.

Against better judgment, we went for a revisit to Happy Valley instead.
The gate price has increased significantly and the ride lineup has been slashed since my last visit due to the huge construction site that is swallowing up the park. All for a Pulsar clone.
I forgot at the time but the 1 cred I was missing from this park, the mine train, was in the middle of the construction site, so nothing to be gained today. Spite.
The site really takes up a big chunk of the park and is poorly signposted/not advertised outside the park or on maps. To avoid it, a particularly arduous walk around the half of the park with nothing in it is required.

30 mins of walking later, arrived at the entrance of an old friend.

The first train had been loaded, but about 19 members of staff were walking up and down the train staring in a befuddled fashion at the back of each row where all the restraint lights are.

This went on for around 15 minutes with them setting and resetting bars before they decided it wasnt going to be a quick fix. The train was emptied and the queue evacuated.

Well that’s this park finished for me.
Mega-Lite went to do the SLC while I sat on the bench thinking of the million better things I could be doing with my time right now.

Went to go do the worm.
Empty Bullet launch noise.

Went to sit outside Bullet for an hour. Various stories about a quick fix and should be opening soon.

Went to go do the worm.
Did the shooting Santa dark ride. A shell of its former self. Disgusting.

Went to sit outside Bullet for an hour. Eventually opened.

Bullet Coaster

Got 3 laps in in quick succession. Once again wish I hadn’t bothered coming. It was riding a bit crap and as a result, my original memories of how good this used to be have been tainted. It has now lost the tied spot with its twin OCT Thrust SSC1000 on my list.

Crappy Valley Shenzhen has also become the worst in the chain for me.

Left the park. Leave the memories alone.

Good to end a trip report on a high.

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