Europe 08/21 – Azur Park, Lunapark Fréjus + Antibes Land

Having completely exhausted all the options of daytime parks in the region, there was nothing left to do but have a well earned lie in, play some mini golf and do some sightseeing.


The location of choice was the Verdon Gorge.


With tons of massive birds hovering in the sky.


The sort of place that pictures (well, mine at least) don’t really do justice. It was all rather breathtaking though, particularly if you take part in some foolish daredevil antics like walking along one of the narrow stone walls above a 1000ft drop, or climbing out onto precarious rocks that overhang the fast flowing river below. I somehow managed to scare myself more than the Lou Bac Luge.

After that excitement there was one more crawl of evening parks to complete on our last night in France.

Day 10 – Azur Park


Which began with a surprise. The originally billed Super Railway (a single rail Schwarzkopf wild mouse) had been swapped for something equally interesting, the legendary travelling Soquet, King. I believe it’s the biggest coaster they ever made.


We had arrived for opening and they clearly weren’t ready however, so it was time for another #1 La Pomme, with spare train faces for decoration.


Lost about an hour waiting for them to finally open it up, but that did mean it turned into a night ride. #2 King toes the line nicely between intensity and brutality. The second half feels way too fast for the momentum it’s carrying (including random Yoda graffiti tunnel), almost like they didn’t know what to do with something this size. The result is rather spectacular in an ‘it’s different’ kinda way, if a little rough round the edges.


Oh look, a #3 Crazy Mouse.

Running late now, on to the next park.

Lunapark Fréjus


Oh look, a #4 Crazy Mouse. Oddly enough, this one’s a Beijing Jiuhua model, which means no double up or speed bump, those elements are far too advanced.


I’d been waiting all week for the night that #5 Magic Mountain would show up, never remembering which park it was at.


Not sure why it had particularly caught my attention, something about this stripy inclined loop makes it stand out a bit I guess. It’s a Top Fun Typhoon, whatever that may be, and it gives Tornado a run for its money on trying to beat you up. All that fuss for nothing.


Or maybe I was just too softened up by this point. Even #6 Tokaido Express, this rare 1st gen Mack Powered coaster with single file seating was trying to hurt me. It does about 100 laps in either ‘fast’ or ‘slow’ mode and it’s highly unnecessary.


#7 Train Gourmand was a bit of a mission. It’s part of a separate kids lineup of rides that requires tokens instead of cash, but is located miles away from any of the rest of said rides, along with the desk that sells said tokens.

Still more to endure though.

Antibes Land


Classic Mack #8 Wild Mouse. Used to live in Japan and then at Walygator, maybe it came as a bonus with Monster?


Having never ridden an EOS spinning coaster until just recently at Gullivers, I’ve now managed to pick up a second. #9 Turtle’s Coaster is still better than the SBFs and this one had the added excitement of the operator providing a bonus manual spin each time it came through the station.


And, to end France in style, a #10 Pomme. This one had the added excitement of the operator providing a bonus balloon for certain guests to ride with.

Day 11

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