Europe 08/20 – Geiselwind + Alpine Coasters

Day 4


Today was set to be a really busy one with no less than 4 parks on the cards. For that reason we got to the first one early, before any of the rides were open, we’d have to choose our first coaster carefully.

Doggy Dog

And we did. Worryingly this wasn’t my first dog themed Wacky Worm.

No Title

No Description


Into the dark forest and to the infamous Wild Wind next. I’d been both excited and apprehensive to ride this legendary coaster model ever since I first saw a photo of one on RCDB.

No Title

No Description

It seriously looks like some failed backyard coaster with it’s 35 foot drop into a 10 foot tall badly transitioned sidewinder, which is then followed by a mess of badly transitioned turns that look they were drawn by a child. It was either going to kill us or allow us walk away feeling untouchable.

Despite what you’ll probably read online, it really wasn’t that bad. It’s awful yes, but I’ve ridden far more unpleasant coasters. I didn’t appreciate having to survive 2 laps however.

No Title

No Description

Blauer Enzian

Ex-travelling Mack powered coaster with nothing to look at other than the tanks of water pinning it to the ground.

No Title

No Description


The park’s Vekoma Boomerang was next and it was far from the worst example of these I’ve ridden. I forgot to take a picture but everyone knows what a Vekoma Boomerang looks like.

Piraten Spinner

Finally something fun! The World’s only Zierer Spinning Coaster, if we trust RCDB. This thing was brutal and actively tried to end me several times on the many laps it took us on. “I’m spinning, I can’t see when the violent bit is coming, oh God no, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Loved it.

No Title

No Description

Just incase you think I uploaded the wrong photo, this coaster used to be called Drehgondelbahn. A shame they changed it really, it certainly rolls off the tongue in an amazing way.

Drachen Höhle

The final coaster of Geiselwind was located in the park’s brand new Chinese themed area. It looked really good and was a nice change from the forests and fields of the rest of the park.

I remember seeing this coaster years ago when it was on the travelling circuit and made a stop at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. I was annoyed I didn’t ride it then but better late than never right?

The only Zierer Hell Diver ever built, which translates to single person cars doing large swooping turns through a tent full of smoke and lighting effects, I quite enjoyed it honestly.

Heartline’s wife swears there was a dragon animatronic in there but I didn’t see it, this both upsets and scares me.

No Title

No Description

Geiselwind was a strong way to start our day with it’s unique coaster line up, but now it’s time to get back on the road.

On route to the car we decided we’d give up on the least interesting of the 4 parks lined up today because it was now looking impossible that we’d be able to make all 4.


AltmühlBOB was next, 2 alpine coasters in a field seemingly in the middle of nowhere, with nowhere to park either.

After following the advice of angry German men, we possibly illegally parked in another man’s field, before making our way over to the ticket office.

This was a shambles, just several hundred people in a rabble with no way of making sense of it. Because we had places to be, we took matters into our own hands and soon at least partially understood what was happening. There was a queue to buy tickets, then a queue each for both of the coasters but today all 3 were blending into 1. This meant you needed to be assertive as to which queue you were in.

Speed Bob

First up was something rather special. Speed Bob was an alpine coaster like no other. Firstly you don’t have any controls this time around, secondly it’s just a series of massive airtime hills in a row until you hit the brakes. It was great fun but lacked the feeling of risk you get when you’re given control.


The other alpine was the traditional affair and not to say it was bad but it was weakest of the trip yet. I was able to complete the whole circuit at full speed with no risk of being killed. This was extra important because it began to heavily rain on the lift.

Erlebnisfelsen Pottenstein

After a quick lunch we arrived at Erlebnisfelsen Pottenstein and it was here that we concluded there was no chance of doing 4 parks today because we have barely made it to the 3rd one before park close.

Thankfully the place was heaving and there was a large group of people waiting to be batched inside 45 minutes before close. I’m going to assume park hours have been extended.


First up was another traditional alpine coaster. Thankfully Frankenbob more than made up for AltmühlBOB in the intensity department and instantly became my new favourite alpine. Flying down a cliff, surrounded by trees, sitting inches off the rocks and hitting drops and corners at insane speeds, it was crazy.

No Title

No Description


Next up was Hexenbesen, a suspended coaster of sorts. Much like the powered version at Schwaben Park I found it to be completely pointless honestly but I did enjoy that you get to press your own dispatch button. Taking Heartline’s bag with all our essentials in on a suspended coaster was the other highlight.

No Title

No Description

Park complete we took a scenic drive to our hotel for the night. The hotel was located in a small town in the middle of nowhere and I couldn’t believe that they left the keys for us in a lockbox and we got to let ourselves into the hotel, that’s some serious trust there.

Thanks for reading, click here for day 5, where we visit Freizeitpark Plohn.

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