Sweden 08/23 – Furuvik

One more long morning drive took us back over to the far side of Sweden, primed and ready for some final creds and a quick escape from Stockholm again.

Day 4 – Furuvik


Furuvik was the name of the game, somewhat poorly represented by its photos of concrete and rides from most trip planning resources, when in fact it’s more of a zoo with an amusement section. We had been wondering what could justify it costing more than Kolmården.

The opening stroll is rather pleasant before you hit said amusement section if you head in the right direction. The Dragon wasn’t quite ready for us yet, so ended up on the shooting dark ride first.


Boo Blasters on Boo Blasters Hill Version 2.0 is in Europe? Spökjakten was news to me.


Having thought the recent experience in Alabama was somewhat one of a kind, I hadn’t expected to be reliving it so soon, but it’s good. For some reason the room with the skeleton army advancing was toned down, though otherwise a very solid dark ride.


The #1 Draken was ready for us and delivered the +1 as promised.


As was/did the #2 Fireball. That standard Vekoma junior boomerang layout.


#3 Lightning, the brand new coaster that makes this place a bit more worth seeking now is around the corner, looking nice and shiny.


Those smooth Vekoma curves and slick looking train make for an attractive package and it rides real good too. It was just like Big Bear Mountain without the faff in fact, and for me that makes it better. Pure twisty, bouncy fun with a near-excessive level of refinement that befits the family target it’s trying to hit.


This is where that style of Vekoma belongs, not on the big boys. Great stuff.


The front car was a nice touch, shame the dials didn’t move.

Thinking we were done with rides, headed off into the animal section to see what was what.


Sadly their red panda was MIA, but good views


Sheep in a hat?


Wait, what’s this? A boat ride that enters a tunnel? Well now we just have to know.

The little tub boats float around an area of not much for a while, some animals are far in the distance and it’s not the most intimate experience, except perhaps with your fellow riders.


Once in the cave, skeletons with treasure and a big kraken thing. In summary, yes.

And with that revelation we were done.

Thanks for reading, will be back in a jiffy with something a bit more further afield.

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