USA 01/19 – Pacific Park

Not much to report here. Spent some time in Koreatown checking out the local music shop scene for some Kpop albums I needed, then moved on to here:

Day 10 – Pacific Park

Driving on the wood of the pier was fun. Parking was at a premium and other drivers would seem to have preferred if I ran some pedestrians down over spending any precious seconds giving way.

#1 Santa Monica West Coaster

Storm clouds rolled in to greet us just as I got to the ticket window. Got the standard story about stopping in rain – no refunds, but the card is good any time. Not too much to lose then.

They were seriously thinking about it, but it didn’t rain too hard. Got a couple of wet laps.
Uninspired layout of course with the double ended helices of doom. The couple of humps in the middle are decent enough in the back. Job done.

There’s the beach. I believe it’s usually a little busier.

And there’s the sea.

More Knott’s

The rain continued into the evening and I thought I’d chance another quick stint at Knott’s – only 1 lap on the woodie in 2 days had left me wanting more.
It was quiet and not particularly wet, but almost everything was closed. Got a very rude response from the staff to a status enquiry at the entrance of Ghostrider.

Hangtime was the only thing running so spent some more time getting acquainted with those nightlight rides.
It was suffering as the only work horse of the evening. Broke down twice in an hour, once with me on it.
Got to see some engineers scratch their heads and play with the manual block releases while the station roof dripped on my leg for half an hour.

Up next – more not much.

Day 11

USA 01/19 – Knott’s Berry Farm
USA 01/19 – Hollywood

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