China 09/17 – Shanghai

To cheer things up on our final part, I think it’s worth mentioning that something was off about the hotel here.
Firstly, the staff had numbers rather than names. Secondly, this:

I was tempted to do some drugs after the last few days, but this sign was on the bed and proved effective enough in dissuading me.

Phoned Happy Valley at opening time to see if they’d fixed Fireball. They hadn’t.
“I’m not ruling it out but… if you’re coming just to play that… don’t.”

Headed off into the city instead with no real plans.

Stumbled across some bonus culture while changing lines.

Stumbled across some tower blocks. I’m counting that as culture too.

Day 11 – Century Park

Got lost trying to find this place. Exit 4 or 6, not exit 5. Thanks RCDB.

#1 Roller Coaster

This baby is new this year.
The whole ‘amusement area’ seemed to have had a bit of a refurb and there’s some coming soon signs above the ticket office. Hope they get a Powered Dragon to compliment the lineup. Or a Jungle Mouse. I can’t believe I still haven’t got a Jungle Mouse.

Some foreign business-type people joined us for a lap. They seemed somewhat embarassed standing there ticket in hand and it took us, powering up like professionals, for them to make that leap.
They clearly didn’t understand the concept of creds as they lead with the question:
“Have you ridden this before?”
“No mate, +1.”
Good to end on a high.

From there it was back on the disappointing Maglev to the airport.

This report may have seemed a bit doom and gloom at times, but I do love doing trips here. There’s so much good stuff that far outweighs the atrocities. They also make for great stories.
I fully disregard the many hours of sufferance to get around, because as soon as I set foot in the entrance to the queue for that next big woodie or launchie there’s an unrivalled buzz of excitement. I can’t stop myself from running, skipping, staggering along internally screaming ‘Yes! I’ve actually made it!’ It’s the sense of adventure I guess. The payoff seems higher.
I’m sure it’ll break me one day.

You can find a full map and summary of all the China trips on a single visa here.

China 09/17 – Happy Valley Shanghai
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