Denmark 06/17 – Farup Sommerland + Djurs Sommerland

Day 2

Farup Sommerland

You buy your park tickets from the comfort of your car as you drive into Denmark’s most Northerly park, a nice idea as it leads to less faff later on. Despite the website claiming this was “Denmark’s Best Sommerland”, it’s lineup didn’t look anywhere near as exciting as over at Djurs but with some rather interesting coasters to be ridden, let’s get right to it.

Falken – My first ever experience with an S&S woodie (there’s only 2 operating in the World) and I was very impressed! Fast, forceful, strong pops of air and a lovely out of control feeling. 3 laps on this got me wishing for more of these, if only to help drown out the swarms of mediocre GCIs.

Lynet – I was a bit apprehensive about this Gertslauer launch coaster (after a slight disagreement with Karacho) but I needn’t have been as it was awesome. The launch is great and quite forceful and the rest of the layout is full of great moments of airtime and smooth inversions. If Lynet featured Gertslauer’s fantastic lapbars then it would have been even better but it’s certainly still a really fun little coaster.

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Orkanen – My first ride on the biggest of the Vekoma SFC models and it was good fun. A definite improvement on the more common smaller model, faster and slightly more forceful. The setting over the water, the impressive theming and how damn smooth this coaster rides, made it very easy to reride, even more so because it was walk on.

Farup Sommerland is more than worth your time to visit. Lynet and Falken are very good unique coasters and Orkanen is great fun too. The park is beautiful and in places is so secluded and wooded that you’ll forget you’re even in a theme park.

We had planned to spend all day at the park but due to short queues had done everything we wanted and more by half 12. Heartline says to me, “you can get ferries to Norway from near enough here I think, do you want to see if we can do TusenFryd?” …Yes! After that plan sadly failed (don’t worry we’ve been since), he came up with another plan, an even better plan. “Shall we do Djurs today instead of tomorrow and then tomorrow take you to Hansa Park to ride Karnan” …YES!!

Djurs Sommerland

We pulled into the car park and my heart literally sank, there were cars everywhere and I mean everywhere. After parking I scaled the car to assess the situation, cars for as far as the eye could see in all directions. That’s it then, for being greedy we’ve screwed up and this is going to suck big time.

I was on the verge of freaking out during the long walk from the car park to the entrance. I could see Piraten and the new hotness DrageKongen but the chances of riding these beasts without queueing hours seemed impossible now.

Thankfully much like Legoland the day before, despite the park heaving with people, the queue for Piraten was only 10 minutes, thank you people of Denmark!

DrageKongen – Intamin’s brand new and first (only 2 exist even now) SFC and despite what everyone was hyping this up to be, it’s just a rattly, more unrelaible version of Orkanen. The brand new Asia area the coaster lives in looks fantastic, as does the ride itself with it’s striking paint scheme but it’s just an overpriced SFC that rattles and breaksdown a lot, not the inverted Mega-Lite the World expected it to be.

Juvelen – I love Juvelen to bits. The first section had me thinking this is a great family coaster, then you hit the second launch and suddenly things get really crazy and a lot more intense than I was expecting! Juvelen quite simply redefines what a family coaster can be.

Piraten – What more can I say than Piraten is damn near perfection. There are absolutely no dead spots or pacing issues on this relentless Intamin Mega-Lite. From the bottom of the first drop to hitting the brakes hard, with your shirt half off your body and your internal fluids now external, it’s non stop. Piraten puts Expedition Geforce and Goliath to shame in my opinion. The sideways airtime hills are some of the most intense airtime moments I’ve ever experienced, you literally don’t have time to prepare yourself for them, even after 10 goes. On my 9th run it managed to make me loose vision in my right eye, so we decided to call it a day at 10. If vision loss wasn’t on the cards I could ride this monster all day long!

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Skatteøen – Mack water coaster, it looks pretty.

Thor’s Hammer – Gertslaurer Bobsled coaster, fun for what it is.

Rio Grande Rafting – I love a good rapids ride and this one passes my test.

Ørnen – My first topple tower, we spent the whole ride laughing at how dumb it was, can’t deny it’s fun though.

Djurs Sommerland is a fantastic park with a spectacular coaster line up! Piraten is World class, Juvelen is one of the best family coasters ever created and Skatteøen, Thor’s Hammer and DrageKongen are quality support coasters.

Thank you for reading, please click here to join me at Hansa Park on day 3 of my trip report.

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