Cred Hunting 07/18 – Oakwood Theme Park

Had a bit of a crap time at Oakwood, but some stories have to be told anyway.

Work lumbered me with a morning free in the arse end of Wales, so I thought it would be rude not to pop in, mostly because I’m far more shameless than I once was and having skipped the smaller creds on my last visit, it would be a +3 for me.

Oakwood Theme Park

Turned up bright and early before opening time thinking this’ll be a breeze. Staff were arriving later than me and were confused by my presence. Sat it out until a few minutes prior, by which time a crowd of 20-30 people were ready to roll.

Had a completely free run of the place for the first hour and hit all of the smaller creds in this time.

#1 Circus Clown was tested and opened for me, on request. Good start.

Highlight of the day – I broke #2 Crocodile Coaster.
It completed the first lap without a hitch (that’s the +1 sorted), but as it was picking up some speed through the second lap, sparks began to fly and some black smoke wafted up in the vicinity of the trains contact with the power rail. The operator hit the E-stop upon seeing this and ran off to get a manager telling me to stay where I was. I thought to myself, sitting about 2 inches from the floor, ‘if I see any more smoke I ain’t staying.’
He returned and had a quick chat about his procedures and what we thought had happened, can’t fault him at all for how the traumatising ordeal was handled. The manager and some engineers arrived shortly afterwards and coaxed it back into the station.
That was fun.

Didn’t know #3 Creepy Crawler (I do admire all this alliteration) had a little themed queue with some fog and an animatronic. That was cool. The ride wasn’t. M&Ds must have given it a hard time.

Even though they were posted as also opening at 10:00 at the entrance, Speed and Megafobia did not open during this time.

So I sat on a bench for half an hour outside Megafobia and waited. By the time it had opened, a couple of hundred school children had rocked up to the park and after getting my first lap, the queue was instantly up to around an hour, with painfully slow one man operations, half the rows closed off cos they’re broken and 10 minute dispatches.


I’d been told this woodie was on its A game recently, but it was pretty much how I remembered it – meh. It rides with the sort of roughness that saps all the airtime away, when you should be pinned out of your seat you just end up bouncing around instead from all the poor tracking.

Sucked up one more wait just to prove a point, then got annoyed and sunburnt and promptly left.

Maybe I should start collecting castles instead of coasters.
This is Pembroke Castle. One for the count.

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