Finland + Italy 09/19 – Fiabilandia + EuroPark Milano Idroscalo

Day 9

Right let’s get our re-visit to Mirabilandia out of the way as quickly as possible, we’ve got much better things to do today.


This time we made damn sure we’d be the first people waiting at the turnstyles, and we were, but not before I found a vending machine that was giving out unlimited treats after I only paid for a Pepsi. Me and Heartline filled our pockets and then remembered they don’t allow outside food (of course not, this is Mirabilandia), so we had to stuff countless food items into various places as we shuffled past the park’s armed security team.

Despite being the first people waiting at the turnstyles, in true Mirabilandia style, there was an issue. The ticket scanner computer system crashed every time they scanned a ticket and it was taking a minute or so to let just 1 person in. At first the staff tried to make the angry Italian rabble be patient and put up with this major inconvenience, but thankfully in the end they got scared and just opened the floodgates. Which of course meant that we didn’t need to validate our tickets last night, then be late, then get a speeding ticket…

We literally ran to iSpeed. I like running through parks with Heartline, it makes people think you’re crazy and it’s funny to watch both of us keep dropping from running to walking because we are getting too old for this crap.

So last night I half convinced myself that iSpeed was actually quite good. This morning’s ride proved me wrong however, so after 3 laps I officially rate iSpeed as meh.

No Title

No Description

Leprotto Express

Park complete, let’s get the f out of here.

We walked past stupid Desmo Race again just incase a miracle had happened, it had not.

Before ending our speed run of Mirabilandia with 1 last lap of Katun. It’s consistant, I’ll give it that, consistantly disappointing though.

No Title

No Description

In and out in an hour, perfect. While driving away from the park we saw a solid 5 miles of queuing traffic heading towards the park. Get used to queuing lads, that’s only the beginning.


The contrast from Mirabilandia to Fiabilandia is shocking and all in the favour of Fia. This small family park is class and the most welcome of breaks after Mirabilandia made us fall out with the Italian coaster scene.

Red Mountain

First coaster on offer was the park’s brand new L&T Family Coaster, Red Mountain. Maybe it was being able to walk straight on it, maybe it was the friendly old lady operating it, but I quite enjoyed this little coaster. Better still we got a station E Stop as the coaster attempted to go for it’s second lap because a kid was crying and this park is friendly.


Next up was the park’s Fabbri Spinner, once again walk on, once again a friendly ride operator. Mirabilandia made me forget that such things existed.

Valle degli Gnomi

The World’s first Wacky Worm was next and it was amazing. A true terrain coaster featuring adorable theming and dark ride sections. This coaster made me so damn happy and it was awesome to see all the other riders, kids and adults alike, having a great time too.

No Title

No Description

Miniera d’Oro Del West

Heavily themed Pinfari mine train, this park is just so unique.

Il Lago del Sogno

Speaking of…

I’ve never seen anything like the park’s water ride/dark ride hybrid. You sit in a boat, formed into a train, which gets external power from a current collector, then you sail around outside for a bit before getting eaten by a big monster, then it gets even weirder if you can believe it. You really have to see it to believe it and I highly recommend you seek this thing out. I told you this park is class.

No Title

No Description

Thank you for saving Italy Fiabilandia.

Europark Milano Idroscalo

After a long drive North West we found ourselves on the outskirts of Milan looking for the car park of Europark Milano Idroscalo.

As we neared where we thought the park was, Heartline pulled into a car park with Idroscalo in the name, what followed was one of the funniest encounters I’ve ever been involved in.

“Is this the parking for the park?” says Heartline. “Idroscalo?” says an angry and confused Italian man. “The park?” says Heartline. “DO YOU WANT TO PARK?” shouts the man. “Yes, but is it for the park? says Heartline. Fed up the man now repeats the word no and signals us to leave. Then to make it even funnier he starts going crazy with amazing hand movements while we’re attempting to leave. We believe that was some sketchy car park for a local airport but we will never know.

We did however find out that it wasn’t parking for the park because that was further on and was shared with many restaurants.

Europark Milano Idsroscalo, yes you do have to say the full name every time, is pretty much a giant permanent ghetto funfair but it’s the fun kind of ghetto.


After walking around the site to work out how many tokens we’d need, we first headed to the park’s Barbisan Jamming coaster. That name alone was enough to start me and Heartline laughing but it got even funnier. This thing was absolutely brutal and had us in stitches. I like Jamming, I hope you like Jamming too.

Bruco Mela

Wacky Worm where they batched us onto the platform while the ride was doing laps past us, I told you this place was ghetto in a good way.

Funny Mouse

Before we ended our day with this beast. Funny Mouse is the only offcial Interpark Funny Mouse in the World and it was hilarious. Savagely brutal and hitting all kinds of strange transitions. Much like Jamming, the entire ride was spent almost crying with laughter.

Yeah, this place is better than Mirabilandia too!

We ended our day with another amazing pizza and watching Chief Wiggum sing Jamming in the car.

Thanks for reading, click here for day 10, where we visit Gardaland.

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