Europe 08/21 – Anatolia Parc

Just the one coaster in this part, along with a lot of travel and a bit of sightseeing. Not really good enough is it.

Day 6 – Anatolia Parc


Who knew that there was a Chinese-built worm coaster in central France? Not me. Of course I had to go and ride it though.
Upon entering the shop to buy entrance tickets, a man who I shall refer to as Mr. Anatolia Parc saw right through our game and immediately started chatting coasters with us.
“You’re here to test the worm?”
“Yes we are.”
“Are you going to test the Namazu? It’s a new Intamin Coaster.”
“We already have, it was great!”
This man clearly knows his stuff.


He warmly instructed us to head towards the back of the park where we found #1 Chenille in all its glory. Moments later he joined us on the platform, ready to run the ride.
“Have you been to Mont Mosan?”
“I… um… no <visible confusion>. Not yet. I’ll add it to the list.”
Upon later research we discovered that it was too late for that. Mont Mosan was a park in Belgium that once hosted exactly the same ride type – perhaps where he got his fantastic business idea from. Sadly that one no longer exists.
What a legend though.

Oh, the ride. Brutal.

Overjoyed with that encounter, it was time for a very long drive to our next destination. On route I had my heart set on seeing the ridiculous Millau Viaduct, a bridge I’ve admired for many years, as close-up as possible.


So we drove right underneath it.
Look at it. Over 1000ft tall. Beat that Intamin.


Before finding a pretty spot to gaze upon it from afar.


Which happened to be in this fascinating village that’s actually built into the side of a cliff.


We then drove over said bridge, which was amazing, and many hours later hit the border to a new country cred, deep (high?) in the Pyrenees. Sadly not the B&M Invert.

Andorra has:

Ridiculously low fuel prices (well, for Europe).


Big old mountains.


Some old churches.


One of the biggest spas in Europe, also their tallest building. Don’t ask how.


And as is the tradition in all new countries, an Andorra cat.

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