Finland + Italy 08/19 – Cavallino Matto

Day 7

Cavallino Matto

Today started once again with another half day park, this time Cavallino Matto.

This park felt a lot more down to Earth and homely than the 2 we visited yesterday. If it wasn’t for the insanely hot Italian weather I think it would have been a great park to take it easy in. Today though taking it easy would have meant getting seriously sunburnt, so instead we ran between shade and tried not to overstay our welcome.

On that note, I only took photos of the main event, so once again you’ll have to accept my apologies.

Topo Zorro

We started strong on the park’s Wacky Worm themed to a cheese loving rodent. Makes a change doesn’t it?

Project 1

Then we dusted off the other L&T Compact Coaster, having ridden the only other one in Finland several days ago. To quote Heartline, set complete.

Wild Mine

Before jumping on yet another L&T creation, this time one of their Wild Mouse models. No complaints.

Speedy Gonzales

Wait! Another L&T coaster? And it’s also themed to rodents? This one features a twisted airtime hill straight off of a Mega-Lite though, so I’ll let it slide.

Jurassic River

The only Technical Park Water Coaster in the World was next and it was good! It’s basically a large log flume, with roller coaster sections bolted on and featuring loads of big animatronic dinosaurs. All 3 of those things excite me so I’m all in.

Time for the main event now.


Freestyle is the park’s Togo Stand Up coaster and can we for a moment please appreciate how well the park is looking after this 34 year old coaster, it seriously looks brand new.

Now we need to appreciate how unique and awesome the ride experience is on Togo Stand Ups and then I’ll explain why Freestyle is the best one yet.

No Title

No Description

Togo Stand Ups, unlike the inferior models from other manufacturers, provide a TRUE standing experience. You are fully standing, with all your weight on your feet, with very minimal restaints to hold you there. No matter how much of a thrill seeker you are, I promise you, you will feel out of your comfort zone as soon as you start climbing the lift.

No Title

No Description

Taking loops standing is an awesome experience. Taking the positive Gs through your legs is crazy, not to mention seeing the World upside down under your feet. That’s not the best part of Togo Stand Ups though, that would be the delicious sensation that is known as standing airtime. Milky Way in Japan had a go and it was amazing. Freestyle though, oh man, it’s insane.

No Title

No Description

Several moments of this coaster outright eject you while you’re standing, it’s beautiful. The first time it happened me and Heartline were feet fully off the floor, looking at each other in concern, while flailing and laughing like idiots. No other coaster type offers that experience and it’s one I need more of in my life.

There was a rule on the ride sign about not riding Freestyle more than once every 50 minutes, which makes sense because it’s insane. Of course we didn’t listen though, we needed as much of this as we could physically take because where else can we experience something like this?

I was properly impressed with Freestyle and it was worth sweating bullets to get pictures of this beauty.

No Title

No Description

Very satisfied we left the park and went off to look at some leaning tower in Pisa. Yup, she’s leaning alright.

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