USA 06/23 – Alley Cats, Prairie Playland + Summary

Time to tidy up.

Having seen all there was to see at Six Flags Over Texas we headed out into the city, to a cred that had been spotted by the side of the road the night before. No new discovery or anything exciting, the various internet tools were well aware of its existence (except Captain Coaster), I just hadn’t planned on being done here so early.

Alley Cats

The establishment in question was a beautifully air-conned arcade and bowling alley, but that was besides the point.


Outside, the spirit of the #8 Rattler lives on in an SBF spinner. Unlike our friend Frankie and his mine train, this performed far too many laps and was extremely inefficient given the weather.

With that bonus out of the way, enough was enough. Just the one day to go.

Day 15 – Prairie Playland


A ride we had planned for, to finish up, given no other Texas based disasters. This large outdoor market and camping ground has an amusement section and as of quite recently, the world’s largest coaster from E&F Miler, formally from California. Seemed worth a shot.


They’ve painted the #1 Prairie Screamer green, done up the trains and given it an amusing name and logo. We were knocking on the ticket window for opening and ended up on the first cycle for the day.

I expected clunkiness, it’s the defining feature of the medium ones of these. What I didn’t anticipate, as we approached speeds of 50Mph was that it just isn’t built for that sort of force. The track isn’t straight, so the base of the dips have a prominent set of jolts to them. Being bigger and more drawn out in the hills and turns was also detrimental to the usual wild airtime and laterals, though it still had its highlights in surprise places. Fun, still prefer the Kissimmee one.

With nothing left to do but drive to the airport, we stopped off on route to Austin in the town of Waco, at a far more upmarket market built next to some old magnolia silos.


Apparently it’s famous, has been on TV and stuff. Had some food trucks and did what it says on the tin.




Total states – 15
New creds – 62
New dark rides – 8
New parks – 17
New wacky worms – 2
New RMCs – 5
Best new coaster – ArieForce One
Best coaster – ArieForce One
Best new dark ride – Mystic Mansion
Best dark ride – Monster Mansion
Best new park – Fun Spot America Atlanta
Best park – Dollywood
Distance travelled – 4,518 Miles
Spites – 4/66 (6.06%)

Thanks for reading.

USA 06/23 – Six Flags Over Texas
Sweden 08/23 – Gröna Lund

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