China 01/20 – Canton Tower

I can’t maintain the poorly held suspense about Dueling Dragons any longer.

The weekend arrived. I went hunting on the website to find specific ride opening times rather than risk turning up several hours too early for the dragons again.
10:30 you say?
Time for a revisit.

Day 12 – Guangzhou Sunac Land again

Of course they weren’t sticking to it. Got to the entrance of the ride. 12:00 opening.
Sat on a bench for an hour, depressingly noticing that the amount of people in the park was exactly the same as it had been on the Wednesday.

They tested both sides separately, exactly as they had on the Wednesday. I stood and watched the staff activity in the station intently. They were up in the red station, wiping down the railings and the baggage holders. Making it presentable? Then they put a rope across the stairs and went back down to the green one.

The green one opened. Asked about the red one today?
Nope. Not happening.
“Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… yeah… let’s say that.”

The girl that had promised me it would open at the weekend wasn’t in guest services for another chat.
The rest of them didn’t care. “Ride the green one – it’s better.”
So I left.

Have some pictures of the poxy thing running empty if you want.

‘Erections strictly prohibited’ is so very true.

Decided to go up the Canton Tower after seeing it the other day.

The attractive look it has on the outside is a bit of a design flaw on the inside when it comes to being an observation deck. All that twisted cladding just blocks the views.

They have some engineering stuff on show on one of the floors.

A graph. Erections no longer prohibited.

Perhaps the building design was a money making scheme all along, as the only way you can get an unobstructed view is to pay an extra 20 quid to ride the silly bubble thing on the roof.

What’s in the mystery door?

I went up for the Intamin drop tower though. ‘Highest thrill ride in the world’. I’ll take that claim for the collection.

As a piece of hardware it ain’t much. Not as tall as I expected, hardly leaves you in suspense at the top at all and a slightly punchy drop.
Something about just looking down to the ground over the edge of the building and appreciating the sheer height you are at while on it though.
That was a pretty special feeling. Would recommend.

It was a train back to Changsha after that, completing the round trip.
One more major park to come and finish things on a high and I’m getting excited again just remembering it. I do love this hobby really.

Day 13

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