Australia 01/18 – Dreamworld

Day 3 – Warner Bros. Movie World

Back here again first for some unfinished business.

Powered straight over to the SLC to get it over and done with. Escaped with only 1 trains wait and no one was going for the upcharge VR which is bought at a desk right at the entrance to the station.

#1 Arkham Asylum – Shock Therapy

It’s got those weird vest trains with missile firing handles. Rode like crap, but no lasting damage.

Called in for a quick re-ride on Superman on the way past as it hadn’t quite filled up yet.

Used the single rider trick again on DC. They had fixed one of the three broken seats since the previous day, but it still worked a treat. Also had one final backwards ride. So very worth the price.

Mission complete.


Another scorcher of a day and another very busy car park. Hopefully they’re all in the water park next door.

First thing we came to was another Intamin family launch coaster, this time with motorbikes. Spent a good while in the queue watching the weird restraint system. Should be better than the Vekomas right?

#2 Mick Doohan’s Motocoaster

Nope. What a terrible ride. There’s some rubber padding where your knees sit that has worn away to a solid mess. Spent the entire ride which does absolutely nothing repeating the phrase ‘ow my knees’ ‘ow my knees’ ‘ow my knees’.
It also reduced a local kid to tears.

Stumbled through some kids play area to Tower of Terror II.

#3 Tower of Terror II

The ride has become a bit of a joke. Whatever ambience it once had or fear it may have once instilled is long gone. The skull face and creepy industrial walkways are lined with TVs playing pop music videos while you stand in 40°C, moving 10 people every 10 minutes.

Almost ashamed to say this is the fastest ride I’ve been on, I’ll have to fix that very quickly. It certainly isn’t the tallest as it’s still barely making it halfway up the spike.
Such a mediocre experience. Obnoxiously loud and felt nothing but a rattle. Then it failed to park itself. Then it overshot. Then you have to get in a grotty lift to exit which I was hoping to be some redeeming scare attraction. It isn’t.

Saw an exhibit of tigers and brave blokes upon walking the wrong way round to MadaPanda land.

#4 Escape From Madagascar

What sort of abomination is this? SFC with shoulder restraints. Rides like rubbish and even manages to bang heads at a top speed of 10Mph.

Well there’s only a Skyloop to follow this Arrow looper, let’s see if this park can go 5 for 5.

#5 Hot Wheels SideWinder

They’ve done it.
Another miserable queue of heat, sweat and terrible music, finished off by a strong smell of sewage at the air gates.
Trains have got a horrible clampy vest restraint ‘upgrade’. The track is terrible and not in the usual amusing fashion. Skip.

Affectionately named it the Drayton Manor of Australia at this stage, but really Troublesome Trucks is better than anything here.

#6 Buzzsaw

Better get that Skyloop then. I liked my first one. I like them less with each subsequent installation. At least it had no queue.

This 1-upped the throughput of Tower of Terror by being 8 people every 10 minutes.

Quite a good drop tower. Nice suspense at the top as it really takes its time to sort itself out. Doesn’t kick as much ass as a good small tower though. Height isn’t everything.

Walked past a couple of abandoned water rides to look at some animals.

Park was getting ready to close, so only saw a couple of critters.

Before jumping on the train to the entrance.

What a place. It’s quite nice to hang around in generally, but all the rides and queues are so grim.
At least it’s done.

Day 4

Australia 01/18 – Warner Bros. Movie World
Australia 01/18 – Gold Coast + Brisbane

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