USA 04/19 – Six Flags America

Day 13

Six Flags America

I knew nothing at all about Six Flags America, except for Heartline telling me no one likes it and most actively avoid it. After experiencing the park however, I’ve got to believe this negativity comes from the park’s less than amazing ride line up. Because the park itself is fine, it’s not a scrapyard like Great Adventure and also the staff were fine, we didn’t have any unpleasantness like New England.

Thankfully the park was almost deserted when we visited, meaning we didn’t have to wait at all to experience the lacking hardware.

Great Chase

The day started with the final Zamperla kiddy coaster of the trip, this time being operated by a very friendly man.

Ragin’ Cajun

A Reverchon spinner at a Six Flags park was a surprise I must admit, but it gave a decent spin and honestly can you really be mad when it’s got such a fantastic name?

Joker’s Jinx

Premier LIM Coaster, exactly the same as Flight of Fear, but this time outside. While still quite enjoyable outside, it was much better enclosed and with special effects. Joker’s Jinx also didn’t ride quite as well as Flight of Fear did, it wasn’t rough but was noticeably jerkier.

No Title

No Description

Superman – Ride of Steel

I could understand why’d you’d rank New England’s Superman so highly, if you only had this to compare it to, because honestly what were they thinking?

Forceless hills broken up by straight lines and giant helices, that’s what the people want on their hyper coasters! And I said New England’s version had too many dead spots…

It’s almost mean to say anything else though, because the coaster did do an amazing job of making me and Heartline laugh.

No Title

No Description

No Title

No Description

Knowing we were about to experience wood and an SLC, I decided to buy a Coke from the Superman shop, only for things to get interesting…

I walked to the till, a friendly man scans my Coke, I’m hyped and ready to hear “five eighty two” but instead get “it’s not scanning man, I’ll have to enter it manually.” No big deal I think, he’ll just type five eighty two into the till and it’ll make us laugh, oh no. He gets out a massive folder with all the prices anything has ever been and begins flicking through. “It’s not in here man, I’ll have to call my manager”, I don’t need it this badly… A few minutes later his manager shows up and thankfully knows that of course it’s five eighty two but before I can make my purchase he needed to refund a half eaten lollipop to a child… Did it have to be that difficult? Also serious question, was I the first person to buy a Coke in 2019 in the Superman shop at Six Flags America or is this the procedure everytime someone buys one?

Next up we went to ride Roar, but it wasn’t to be. As we stood waiting at the air gates, a massive gust of wind knocked the operators drink all over the console…

Mind Eraser

So we decided to go have our minds erased on the SLC.

No Title

No Description


Drink cleaned up, it was time to experience Roar.

A clone of this layout has been turned into Joker by the RMC boys, so I made Heartline spend the entire ride explaining what they had done and where. Roar was easily the weakest GCI of the trip and maybe the weakest I’ve ever ridden. Seriously there wasn’t one redeeming feature to this coaster.

No Title

No Description


After enjoying parts of Nighthawk and knowing what to expect this time around I was quite excited to try Batwing. I was right to be because it was an improvement on what came before and I found myself quite enjoying it. It’s certainly nothing to rush back for but I’m glad both the Flying Dutchmans were far better than I expected them to be.

No Title

No Description

With Firebird still being reborn, the only coaster left to ride was Wild One. It had still yet to open today and since park opening a physically scared ride host had been standing at the entrance, getting extremely nervous anytime anyone walked up to him to ask him what was occurring.

With nothing left to do we took a seat infront of the entrance, in hope we’d scare him into opening the ride.

After a while we saw a commotion in the Wild One ride area and soon found out the reason the coaster was closed. The park had attached a massive Snickers advertisement to the structure of the coaster and in strong winds last night it had been damaged.

Still with nothing to do we stood and watched engineering scale the coaster and cut the banner down. After this they sent round a few test trains, so we walked back to the entrance.

For a while nothing happened, but then the scared host was sent on his lunch break. Before leaving he shouted back up at the station “someone needs to be here!” Almost as if this was a comedy sketch, 30 seconds after he left, 50 people appeared and powered into the queue. Me and Heartline were in stitches but thought what the hell, let’s see how this plays out and followed them.

The staff in the station were in disbelief but couldn’t be bothered to deal with asking the rabble to leave, so just let us on the coaster. I promise you no part of this story has been played for laughs, it seriously went down exactly like this and it was amazing.

Wild One

For our patience we were presented with the best ride in the park, an old school woodie with purpose and character.

No Title

No Description

Park complete and us content, we left for the airport and brought my favourite trip to date to an end. I seriously cannot wait to get back out to America with Heartline, where hopefully we’ll be able to pull off another trip as good this one.

Thank you so much for reading.

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