Cred Hunting 06/19 – Kent + East Sussex

Decided on a leisurely mop up of the south east coast – all those creds that were insultingly close to me but not yet ticked off.


Visited this place before when it first reopened with the woodie and some worm. But now they’ve got a different worm!
Wasn’t impressed with the woodie, being a bit of an insult to its type because the brakemen run it like wimps (not drugged up Danes) and therefore it doesn’t do anything. Didn’t reride.

Encountered some poorly explained rule about a minimum spend on a points card for the rides, which was a bit of a pain for those looking for a quick cred stop. Apparently you could spend the excess on food, but I didn’t manage to find a place where that was true, every single establishment turned me away in confusion. This may just have been because I was rushing for parking reasons.

#1 Pinball X

And for the same reasons, here’s a bad shot of the also new spinner. You know what they look like.
The area it’s in is a lot nicer than I remember. They’ve redone all the pathing and got grass and trees in there. All I remember from before was tarmac and 90s flat rides, which didn’t fit the vibe the park was going for.
It span very well for the Zamperla edition. They’ve always struck me as the weaker ones compared to Reverchon.

#2 Beehive Coaster

First worm of the day, but it’s actually a bee. Isn’t that something.


Found a nice picnic spot on route. These cliffs are greener than I expected.

First picture of the sea for the day.

Dymchurch Amusement Park

This place isn’t quite what I was expecting. The entrance is literally in the middle of a high street, you can park at the chemist opposite and stroll in for your cred.

Imagine living in that house, then imagine if it was a decent park. Crazy.

#3 Family Coaster

Second worm of the day. Might be the longest I’ve ever sat in one while it was loaded with guests. Isn’t that something.

Second picture of the sea.


Flamingo Park

Ah, the place that I foolishly got spited by on a weekday. Nearly gave up on it again as Hastings was the busiest place in the world just because a bit of sun was out. Almost impossible to park. Ended up in a mall in the town and making a bit of a trek.

#4 Caterpillar

Best and cheapest worm of the day though. Ride ops were enthusiastic, high-fiving people through the station and getting everyone to hands up on the drop.
See, no shame.

So that was a fun little +4. British summers at their best.

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