USA 01/19 – Hollywood

As promised – not much:

Day 11 – More Knott’s

My 4th and final visit came in the form of attempting to beat the morning rush. They spited me by changing the designated car park on this day and making me walk further to get into the park. They also must have been spiting me with some sort of hotel guest Exclusive Ride Time on GhostRider because it ALWAYS has a queue – 30 minutes at park opening.
Got my back row ride at last with a guy from King’s Island who was disappointingly unphased by my knowledge of his park. I guess ‘What’s in the shed?’ really did make national news.

Slithered over to #1 Timberline Twister (the real reason for the visit?). Until now it had always had too much of a queue to face being turned down from this kiddie ride for height reasons.
I generally don’t try my luck if there is a physical sign saying ‘we actually have a written rule here, so not a chance, you strange person’, but after a bit of quick maths this maximum 69″ is almost achievable. I think I’m 70.
Managed to get on by trying to look both small and casual at the same time. It was easier to climb into than both Coast Rider and Electric Eel.
My first Bradley & Kaye and proud. Park complete.

Goodbye Knott’s. I’ll leave on that happy note.

Time for some sightseeing.

Some sign. Don’t see the fuss.

City looks quite nice though.

Some star. Don’t see the fuss.

Chinese Theatre looks quite nice though.

Captain America texting behind his shield & the bloke from the Hangover loitering with Pennywise. Don’t see the fuss.

That thing looks quite nice though.

Ended up in a Home Depot after this for reasons I forget.
Turns out we could have just seen the Hollywood sign from their car park.

Up next – Disney the Revenge

Day 12

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