Ride Review – Dino Rampage

Dino Rampage is found at Fantawild Adventure parks and is the first generation of the Spiderman at Universal Studios technology that the chain attempted. It paved the way for Wizard Academy and later Legend of Nüwa and it shows, this one wasn’t all there for me.

While the exterior looks fascinating, there isn’t really a story going on. Dinosaurs are angry and loose in some soulless slightly futuristic looking city and we witness the army? police? fighting them off. It’s just grim, to be honest.
Plant eating dinosaurs eat people whole before getting their heads blown clean off by grenades.
Pterosaurs get tangled up with helicopters and crash through skyscrapers.
Hoards of military with their machine guns stand and take aim at anything and everything.

It actually sounds quite funny in a way, and it may well be, but I was in a mood with the park when I rode it and picking up on all the negatives (what, even more so than usual?). The technology was poor – some of the screens didn’t work properly, the movements weren’t synced and the 3D hurt my eyes. Maybe I just caught it on a bad day for both of us and this is, sadly, what people come to expect from ‘Chinese knock-offs.’

So there we go. That was fun. I’m definitely not saying don’t ride it, everything needs to be experienced at least once and you may well find it charming. What I will say is don’t let this one encroach on your time on a better ride in a better park, say, next door.
Here’s a handy list of those next doors.

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