USA 04/19 – Carowinds + Kings Dominion Again

Day 12

The aim of today was a massive drive North East, back to Virginia, in preparation for our flight home tomorrow and 1 last Six Flags. This drive would be almost 9 hours long in total, so we wanted to break it up by revisiting one of the previous parks. The options were either Carowinds (booooo) or Kings Dominion (yaaaay) but then Heartline had an idea. “How many people do you think have done both parks in 1 day? And ridden the 2 gigas?” Coming to the conclusion that almost no one would have done that and liking a challenge, it was set, Carowinds and Kings D in 1 day, let’s go.

It was sad setting off today, knowing this was our last full day, we were both determined to make the most of it.

Heartline convinced me that the Cinnabons that made me feel ill at Carowinds last time were the park’s fault and that I’d like the proper Taco Bell version. So on route to the first park we wheel spun our way into the Taco Bell car park, stocked up and then wheel spun back on route. They sure did taste nicer, the outcome will be the same though…


We arrived at the home of the Carolinas at opening, for more concrete and riiiiiides…

When knowing what to expect and that the park and it’s rides are nothing mind blowing, my enjoyment of the park was a lot higher this time around. It also helped that an amazing country song about Carolina played just as the rope dropped. “And she feels like Carolina, looks like California……” It properly set us off and reminded me of Dollywood, Carowinds, more of this please. Also what does Carolina feel like? Is it concrete and rides? I think it is.

First up we had a couple more strikes with the Copperhead, it felt slightly punchier today.

Then we felt the violence of the F-14 again on Afterburn, despite only just opening, it was properly intense, I love it.

Kiddy Hawk

We even managed to knock a coaster off that we missed last time! We weren’t the only ones either because a large man powered over to his wife after riding and loudly proclaimed “bonus cred!” Why couldn’t you be like this last time Carowinds!

Finally we ended our quick visit with a couple of laps on Fury. When content that it’s going to be mediocre, I found myself enjoying it a lot more than last time.

Then we were back on the road for the four and a half hour drive to Kings Dominion. It was at this exact time that Six Flags New England decided to send me an email asking me to take a survey about our visit, gladly! We spent the next hour, at least, dropping the phrase “clear the area” into every answer, it helped us pass the time if nothing else.

Kings Dominion

My bowels decided to implode the very second we entered the Kings D car park. Cinnabon, ruin me once, shame on you, ruin me twice, shame on me…

To complete the 2 gigas in 1 day challenge, we started things off with 2 laps on i305. It wasn’t riding anywhere near as insane as it did to start the trip but that may be because we’d ridden a lot between then and now.

Next we gave Dominator another try, it was even worse than we remembered…

There are no pictures this time, just picture a boring and rattly B&M Floorless, you’ve seen enough if you’ve read my report to this point.

Following that we got to ride the other side of Racer 75, meaning we got 2 extra credits we weren’t expecting today.

The plan from here was to ride Twisted Timbers until it killed us or it closed. Sadly thanks to Cinnabons it would be death itself that would stop me. I separated from Heartline and bounced between TT, the toilet and being in serious pain on a park bench. I think I racked up 5 or 6 laps before midcourse on the next my body made it crystal clear, if you ride again, you will be killed. Heartline kept going for a while longer than me, before stopping because some drugs addicts were hassling him. I can’t be sure that previous statement wasn’t created by my failing body though.

Twisted Timbers was riding exactly as we remembered it, which in this case means, far too insane to ride while on death’s door.

Thanks for reading, click here for the final day of my report, where we visit Six Flags America.

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