USA 04/19 – Six Flags Over Georgia

Day 11

Six Flags Over Georgia

The third Six Flags park of the trip and the first since Dollywood, there’s no point even saying hopes were low at this stage, but believe it or not, I liked Over Georgia and as of writing I’d happily call it my favourite Six Flags park. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s nothing special, it’s just the best Six Flags were able to offer on this trip.

On arrival, you aren’t faced with rust and decay like Great Adventure, or concrete and rides like Carowinds, rather you are presented with a grand looking entrance area, greenery and a chance to drive under a B&M hyper coaster.

What would be the concern today however was the crowds. The car park was mostly full and the entrance plaza was heaving when we arrived.


First up was the aforementioned B&M Hyper, Goliath. For reasons unknown I’d been aware of this coaster for a long time, I’m assuming it was on a TV show I watched when I was younger.

I must admit I quite enjoyed Goliath and I’d rank it one of the better B&M Hypers of the trip. It’s nothing special but against the other Hypers it had more character and a bit of purpose. Strangely the coaster was crunching at the bottom of several of the hills, that isn’t right, but it amused me, so point to Goliath.

Next we walked through a sea of people to discover that Mindbender had a 90 minute queue. After walking onto some of the greatest coasters in the World on this trip, the idea of queuing those sort of times for lesser attractions seemed insulting. Not to mention, there’s no way we’d be able to complete the park or get personal with Twisted Cyclone if we were forced to queue that long.

Time to try out Six Flags’ skip the line system, Flash Pass. It was priced far lower than I was expecting from Six Flags and I was excited to find out it was a touch screen watch affair. I got the honour of being the wearer and operator of the device, while Heartline handled logistics.

Thanks to some glitch with the system, or just Six Flags being too lazy to keep it updated, we managed to get almost instant access to the first few coasters we Flash Passed, breezing past 90 minute queues feeling smug and a little guilty.


I’d never heard of this Schwarzkopf creation before, but Heartline told me it always ranks strangely high in World’s best coaster lists. I’ve no idea why though, it certainly looks nice, but it’s just your typical old school Schwarzkopf looper, nothing to get too excited about.

Batman The Ride

Second Batman of the trip. It rode slightly better than Great Adventure and didn’t have vomit on the brake run. It rode many miles behind how la Fuga rides.

la Fuga > Batman Over Georgia > Batman’s Great Aventure > Diavlo

Dare Devil Dive

The perfect mixture of guilt and comedy was presented to us in the Flash Pass queue for Dare Devil Dive. The main queue was stupidly long, operations were awful and a steady of flow of the Flash Pass elite were stealing 2 of the 6 seats of every car. There was a tension you could feel in the air, that possibly turned into a riot when the coaster broke down after we got off.

I enjoyed triple D for sure but really can’t remember much at all of the coaster itself other than thinking why don’t they use lapbars on more Eurofighters.

After almost causing a riot, the Flash Pass decided to now show the actual queue times, meaning we’d have to wait 90 minutes for a go on Twisted Cyclone. So we booked that now and went off to dust off some more of the park’s coasters.

Joker Funhouse Coaster

This Chance family coaster had a rather questionable choice of layout but was a nice change from the usual copy paste family coasters Six Flags have.

Dahlonega Mine Train

Not a good coaster at all but thanks to Heartline it was comedy gold. From shouting he refuses to say the name of the coaster, to the digust on his face at the rabble in the station and finally the anger in voice while mocking the terrible layout. Bad coaster made hilarious.

It was now I decided I needed a bottle of Coke to up my sugars before the really good stuff happened. I went into the Goliath shop, picked up a bottle, walked to the till, then the woman says “that’ll be five eighty two”… Before I had time to process this shocking information, a large content man who was walking behind me placed his hand on my shoulder, shouted in disbelief “FIVE EIGHTY TWO! F**K!” before he punched the counter, smiled and walked off. The fear on the woman’s face pushed me over the edge and I properly lost it. Five eighty two well spent!

Twisted Cyclone

The final RMC of the trip, after 3 absolute weapons. The shortest RMC ever built, almost 1000 feet of track less than Twisted Timbers and Wicked Cyclone. Will the RMC streak be ended today in Georgia?

Not a chance!

Twisted Cyclone, while noticeably on the short side, is still an amazing coaster, full of strong airtime moments and crazy inversions, the RMC standard.

What Twisted Cyclone taught me also was that, despite what I used to think, all RMC creations are very different with characters of their own. This was obvious from the very start, when TC hits you with a wacky prelift section.

Then from the top of the lift, things go down a very Wicked Cyclone route, with violent ejection on the drop, followed by the perfect blend of crazy acrobatics and violent ejector. It’s just a shame things have to end so quickly.

While Twisted Cyclone was the weakest RMC of the trip, it’s still insanely good fun and still sits proudly in my top 15.

The operator made a very good point that I think a lot of people these days need to take notice of. “To those of you who came here today, not wanting to make noise and have a good time, what’s the point in comin’?”

Blue Hawk

Next up we Flash Passed Blue Hawk because the standard queue looked awful and they were only running 1 train…

I told Heartline and managed to convice myself that this was another Flying Dutchman. It wasn’t, it was a Vekoma looper, I’m not sure if that’s an improvement or not though…

It wasn’t too bad but it was far from an enjoyable experience.

Great American Scream Machine

Old School woodie that rode so badly it was funny, but probably only to me. I was laughing in disbelief while Heartline was being murdered. They already have an RMC here, so the future doesn’t seem too bright for GASM, oh well, never mind.

With that discomfort over, we had completed the park, coaster wise at least. Georgia Scorcher was down for a repaint, my body thanks the people behind that decision. Superman was down for reasons, though it did test to no avail.

Throughout the whole trip we kept seeing these large bee looking flying things but they never once seemed even the slightess bit of a threat, that was until today. While waiting in a stupidly long line for a pretzel, one came in at violent pace, stinger out, right into my thumb. The worst part was, it then decided to hover in my face, stinger still out, as if it wanted more. Ok, let’s run. My thumb ended up swelling up quite badly, next time I’m swinging first.

Monster Mansion

Next we rode Monster Mansion, the park’s awesome water based dark ride, it has an incredible history that I strongly recommend you to look up.

It was fantastic, full of awesome animatronics, twists and surprises.

After visiting the Mansion and finishing up our third lap on Twisted Cyclone, we needed to make a decision on what to do next. The queue on TC still had not dropped below 90 minutes and because our Flash Pass required us to virtually wait that time, booking it and then finding something worthwhile to do was becoming a bit of a hassle. We ultimately decided 3 was enough and we were happy to end our day here.

Flash Pass returned and we made our way out of the park and onto the road that runs alongside Twisted Cyclone to get pictures. It turns out this was an unmarked service road and in no time at all a security guard pulled up in his car. He wasn’t angry but was curious why we were so interested in taking photos of the ride. It was quite funny really, even funnier because we just kept snapping away while talking, clearly we weren’t doing anything that dangerous.

I had a feeling when the security guard arrived that this was going to turn into a New England experience and ruin the day at the last second but thankfully all was well and I ending leaving Over Georgia with a positive experience.

Thanks for reading, click here for day 12, where we attempt something unheard of.

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