Spain 03/18 – PortAventura Again

Day 3

After another refreshing night’s sleep we woke up to our last day at PortAventura.

The previous 2 days had been quite cold with the occasional rain but today was beautiful, which meant it was a lot busier.

We got to the park for opening and were able to watch the park’s opening fountain show.

We powered straight to China to beat the crowds to Shambhala.

After riding Shambhala and Dragon Khan we made our way back to Furius Baco.

Shambhala was still disappointing. Khan was still rough. Baco was still hilarious.

We had a snacky lunch before heading for one more lap of Stampida, which still kicks ass.

Even though today was considerably busier than the previous 2, queues weren’t too bad.

The hosts on all the coasters were filling every seat and dispatching as soon as possible on most occasions.

All coasters except Shambhala (they said capacity was reduced due to the weather?) were running 2 trains and queues were moving nicely. Far from the horror stories I’d read online.

We took our last ride on El Diablo, which was still a really fun time.

Grand Canyon Rapids – Now that the weather had improved we decided to try out the park’s rapids, while not as good as some other Intamin rapids they were still really fun and delivered the expected chaos.

Dino Scape 4D – Simulator attraction that’s a lot better than those in Ferrari Land but still quite weak.

The interior queue is really well done and heavily themed with animatronic dinosaurs but the simulator itself is a little lacklustre.

We waited just over an hour for 1 last lap on Shambhala to end the trip, you can’t say I didn’t give it enough chances, it just failed every time.

As previously mentioned PortAventura seems to get a bad reputation from the enthusiast community, I however found very little to complain about and found my 3 day trip to be very enjoyable and relaxing.

Now while the park is very strong in my eyes, it is a major shame that the park’s star attractions don’t do much for me. While I had a lot of fun with the park’s support coasters I think it’s completely fair to say that at the moment there is nothing at the park that’s going to tempt me to return soon.

I hope in the future they can add that draw because I’d be very excited to return if the opportunity arose.

After saying goodbye to PortAventura we made our way to the airport.

The EasyJet departures area was absolutely disgusting. There was actual piss on the seats and the only food available was a badly made sandwich costing £6! Surprisingly though our flight was on time!

Thank you so much for reading.

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