Cred Hunting 09/19 – Clarence Pier

Did you know Clarence Pier got 2 new creds this year? Well they did. Out with the old, in with the new.
So I went to get them.

Clarence Pier

#1 Tidal Wave

There’s a bigger than usual SBF spinner. Got a bit of evil ejector in that single drop with its wacky worm-esque layout.

#2 Mad Mouse

And an SBF replica of what they had before. Still almost as sketchy with the cars bumping into each other in the station and a man pushing them.

What else is Portsmouth good for, other than creds? Boats.

Done this one before, many years ago.
So we did the new and improved Mary Rose museum this time. Previously it was just a shed in which they were spraying the wreckage they dragged up with waxy stuff to keep it nice and preserved.

Now you can see it all up close and even breathe in the 500 year old wood. Pretty cool stuff, if you’re into your history.

Think I might prefer this one though. World’s only passenger hovercraft. Thats a bragging right.

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