Asia 01/16 – Berjaya Times Square

This leg of the trip was a rather last minute decision. I hadn’t put any plans in place until actually in Singapore, where I decided to throw caution to the wind and book some cheap flights to Kuala Lumpur for a couple of days.

We arrived in KL early afternoon and spent a good chunk of time in the longest queue I have ever experienced for immigration. They weren’t running things smoothly to say the least.

Our hotel was situated throughout the top floors of a ridiculously huge mall, in the very same building that housed the singular draw (for me) for this visit.

Berjaya Times Square Theme Park

Wanting to get straight to it and make it all worthwhile, we dumped some bags upstairs and headed straight to this indoor park that spans several more floors of the building.

What’s so special about this park?

Supersonic Odyssey

It contains a massive Intamin looping coaster, not every day you see one of those indoors. The park operates pay per ride and wristbands, I took the latter for the opportunity of many laps on the star attraction (and pretty much the only thing of any note here).
The station for the ride is in a raised position and the first section begins straight out of here with a slow inversion and meander to the lift hill.

You can see from here how unusual the surroundings are for this attraction and riding things in unique places is often great for enhancing the experience.
Once up in the hot and sweaty rafters, the train takes a high turn into the main drop and loop, which has a pathway running directly through it.

There are plenty of other moments of close interaction as the layout winds its way throughout the whole park. You can see it from anywhere.

While the hardware is a little on the clunky side, being an older Intamin model, it remains a highly enjoyable coaster for the sheer spectacle alone. I’m very glad to have made the journey to try it for myself.

The folowing morning we were already having to make plans to leave again, our stay in KL was relatively short due to time constraints and the last minute nature of the decision so we just did the usual things like food and shopping. I liked the place more than I had expected to and will likely return one day for a better look.

Have a token culture pic before we jet off somewhere else.

Part 3

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