Germany + Denmark 04/16 – Heide Park #2

Djurs was billed to be the final park of the trip, with the last day being a casual trundle back down to Hamburg to drop off the car and head to the airport.
I couldn’t stop thinking about the previous mishap with Heide Park though, it was eating away at me – the fact that I had missed out on 3 of their creds and hadn’t really had enough time as I would have liked with the major coasters. They’ve given us those rainy day tickets to return, I don’t really want to have to come back another time for those more minor details just mentioned. How early would we have to get up to do it now…

The trundle became a hurtle and we were soon back for revenge.

Day 7 – Heide Park

That looks nicer doesn’t it. Let’s get those other creds first.


The Mack bobsled is the best of the three, featuring an unusual layout and quite a hefty pace for the hardware at certain moments. More than one lift hill takes the bobsleigh train, which runs within an open tube of track as opposed to on rails, to where it needs to be. Only it doesn’t seem to know where it wants to be, opting for meandering upwards slopes and scary trips underground in the process.

Big Loop

This Vekoma looper has a certain endearing quality, but it’s not very good. Two loops, two corkscrews and a corner don’t provide much in the way of entertainment, particularly under the duress of uncomfortable trains and shoulder restraints. Nice to see it interacting with the pathways though.


The park has worse to offer in the form of it’s Vekoma SLC though. This version rode notably poorly – always endurance over enjoyment.


With the mission complete I could spend more time getting acquainted with the good(ish) stuff. Had a slightly better time with the woodie knowing where to sit now. Still doesn’t help that helix of doom though.


But the B&Ms remain the highlight of the park for me.

Flug der Dämonen

As one final act of vengeance we got to ride the little boats this time too.

As quaint as it looks.

I have to praise Heide Park for the efficient German operations. They don’t seem to be bound by any oppressive rules of the wider chain (scrimp and save, operate everything at a minimum) and though I was worried about coming back for less rides with more waits, this sunny Saturday found every major attraction running at full capacity, with no queues being more than 15 minutes.

Fair play to the customer service team too. This email was found upon my return home and I even received a pair of tickets in the post for the following season. Frame it on the wall.

Here ends a quality trip with a quality park lineup. I’d recommend them all to a greater (Hansa) or lesser (Legoland) extent.

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