Germany + Denmark 04/16 – Legoland Billund

Day 4

Ever wondered what a marzipan museum looks like?

It can be found in the town of Lübeck, the original home of the sugary creation and our stop for the day.

From here we headed up and over the border into neighbouring Denmark.

Day 5 – Legoland Billund

From the home of marzipan to the home of Lego, this was the original Legoland park and sits adjacent to the company headquarters.

Polar X-plorer

In terms of an attraction lineup it has received a bit more love than most of the other parks across the globe, the most interesting being their Zierer family coaster, which we headed to first.

This is no ordinary Zierer, it has the nicest trains they have to offer with elevated open seating and comfy lap restraints. The first half of the layout isn’t exactly thrilling, but it contains a couple of good moments.

There’s also a surprise feature in the form of a drop track section. The train enters a cave and stops in front of a screen. Two mountaineering lego figures are hacking away at some ice and suddenly the track drops from beneath you, taking you down with it with a fantastic lurch. There aren’t many of these elements in the world and they’ve never failed to delight me.

With the distance dropped, there’s almost no height left to continue the momentum of the ride, so it crawls out of the cave past a few figures and into the other more unusual theming – a cave containing real live penguins that also houses the brake run.
Polar X-plorer is a good all round attraction with a bit of something for everyone and very refreshing to see in a park like this.

X-treme Racers

In stark contrast, these wild mouse layouts are common as muck, particularly thanks to the Legoland franchise.

The Temple is a shooting dark ride featuring a jarringly simplistic layout that consists of a single circle around various lego set pieces – you can almost see the whole ride from one position. When shot, the targets on the ride often trigger some animatronic effects to keep things a bit more entertaining and scoring often becomes secondary to me as I try to see what everything does.


A common theme for any Legoland is the castle decoration and Dragon rollercoaster. They mostly begin through a dark ride section with a few impressive scenes, smells and usually one big lego namesake as the star of the show. This version was no exception and looked noticeably more well maintained than what I was used to back in Windsor.

The ride itself is a Mack powered coaster that traverses a mostly uninteresting layout once outside in the trees. It is a crowd pleaser of course, but all about the decoration to me really.

I was a little disappointed by the rapids. They might have had it on safe mode for the wintry weather, but special features such as the elevator lift didn’t manage to make it crazy enough for my liking. I’ve had a lot more peril on the one back home.

This quaint little boat ride was good though. Had all the charm of a classic Lego attraction with various antics on route.

Ghost excited me. Drop towers and dark rides have the ability to go extremely well together but this one didn’t really deliver sadly. The walkthrough section and batching area was novel, just when it came to the hardware there was very little force to be found and I didn’t really catch the plot – just some Lego bloke spinning around and shouting in front of us for the entire duration.

The latest dark ride is Ninjago the Ride and almost as if to counter The Temple, it’s another shooter, though this time with some newer technology. Instead of guns, the shooting is completely hands free, requiring riders to wave their arms about frantically over sensors in the front of the car, with the hope of channeling a ninja enough to taking down the bad guys. The scenery between screens was impressive and overall it was a lot of fun, if a little frustrating to get the hang of.

I thought that the park had the Atlantis submarine simulator found at others, as there was a Lego statue of one outside the entrance to the aquarium and even a seated preshow, but it turned out it was just that – an aquarium.

The remainder of the day was spent in Miniland, admiring the creativity of all the unique sets.

Disaster struck! And with that it was time to leave.

Day 6

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